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    Lieutenant_Fuzz posted...
    I lol'd at your response to people who turn the game off. If they're taking away your fun by invading, and you just don't like pvp, turning the system off is a fantastic option and take away their fun!

    Say no to compromise and risk-reward systems, spam that power button!

    Lol what a joke.

    If you're not prepared to play by the rules of the game as per the intent of the developers, play something else. The Souls' series has never been marketed to entitled kiddies, and you're no exception.

    But if you're that determined then by all means, continue to shake in your little booties every time another player comes knocking, spamming that power button, gambling on save corruption, and being forced time and time again to have to slink past the mandatory barrage of logos while you wait for your game to load up. Then proceed to continue wasting your time over and over with this process because you refuse to use the legitimate venues provided to negate invasion as a result of having the mentality of an entitled child that can't handle a fair system of compromise.
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