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User Info: Renegade

9 years ago#1
.::Frequently Asked Questions::.

Q1) I just picked up the game, what class should I choose?

A) There's obviously no definitive answer to this question, starting classes in Dark Souls are much like they were in Demon's Souls, that is, they merely represent different starting templates which can eventually be molded into whatever you want them to become as you progress. Simply put, different classes will have different advantages over one another only in the beginning, choose your character based on what kind of role you want to be immediately thrust into.

Want to begin as a melee-heavy attacker? Go with a Warrior, a Knight, etc.

Want something with with the arcane arts thrown in off the bat? Go with a Pyromancer or a Sorcerer.

However, this logic does not hold true if you are choosing the optimal base template for a PvP character (which means you are aiming to be optimised by 'X' level and should ideally pick a starting class which doesn't have 'wasted' points in any unneeded attributes). For example, a PvP Faith build would do well beginning with the Cleric class, as it has both the highest starting Faith, and the equivalent lowest starting Intelligence (assuming one is making a non-Int Faith build, of course).

Q2) What starting gift should I choose?

A) Options for starting gifts are as follows:

Divine Blessing - One-time-use consumable item which restores all HP and clears all negative status from your character.

Black Firebomb - Thrown explosive which produces a relatively powerful flame upon contact with a target. Should you choose this gift you will begin the game with 10 Black Firebombs.
Note: Can be used to kill the Asylum Demon easily during the very first encounter, which rewards the player with the Demon's Great Hammer weapon.

Binoculars - Used to peer into the distance (obviously).
Note: Can be found in-game extremely early-on, not recommended.

Pendant - Trinket "filled with blocked memories", can be traded to Snuggly the Crow for a Souvenir of Reprisal (item associated with the Darkmoon Blade Covenant). Was once rumored to have an affect on the story and coincidentally was recommended by the game's director Miyazaki as a first gift. The rumors of this item affecting the story are (as of patch 1.03) still unconfirmed, and are likely false.

Twin Humanities - One-time-use consumable that restores two humanity to the player.

Master Key - Reusable item that can open various locks throughout the game (doors, cages, etc).
Note: In patch 1.03 and prior, cannot be obtained outside of choosing the Thief Class (which begins the game with the Master Key) or choosing the gift at the beginning of the game.

Tiny Being's Ring - Adds 30 HP, the in-game description of the item claims that it regenerates HP over time, this is incorrect.

Old Witch's Ring - Allows the player's character to converse with Quelaan, the Covenant Leader of Chaos Servants.

As of patch 1.04 onwards all the gifts can be obtained at some point throughout the game (note: all non-JP versions of DkS are currently still stuck in patch 1.03 at the time of writing this FAQ) but in my opinion the Master Key still provides the most immediate benefit. Choosing the Master Key, however, is somewhat of a double-edged sword for inexperienced players, as it can provide access to number of areas in the game a lot earlier than normally permitted otherwise, choose with caution.

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User Info: Renegade

9 years ago#2
Q3) What the heck is a 'Covenant'?

A) Simply the Dark Souls spin on a 'faction' / 'clan' mechanic. You will find numerous Covenants throughout the game with different objectives, rewards and different approaches to engaging in multiplayer.

Q4) How does one engage in multiplayer?

A) In a number of ways, multiplayer entails the use of the following items:

White Sign Soapstone - Infinite usage. Given by Solaire of Astora, lays down a summon sign that other players (within +/-10 + 10% of your current level) in revived form can pick up and use to summon you into their game as a White Phantom. Can be used in either hollow or revived form. When part of the Warriors of Sunlight Covenant your summon sign will be golden in color, and will instead be summoned as a Gold Phantom.

Red Sign Soapstone - Infinite usage. Similar to the White Soapstone, but instead of being summoned for assistance, it summons you into another player's game as a hostile. Typically used for dueling.

Cracked Red Eye Orb - Consumable. Can be found in certain areas throughout the game, or purchased from Darkstalker Kaathe. Used to invade the worlds of other players. Can only be used in revived form. Humanity and Souls granted for successful invasion.

Red Eye Orb - Infinite usage. Obtained upon achieving Rank 1 in the Darkwraith Covenant, same effect as the Cracked Red Eye Orb, but has unlimited use so long as you remain part of the Darkwraith Covenant. Can only be used in revived form. Humanity and Souls granted for successful invasion.

Blue Eye Orb - Infinite usage. Obtained upon entry into the Darkmoon Blades Covenant, used to invade the worlds of players who have been indicted by other players, and have thus had their names placed inside the Book of the Guilty. Alternatively, will also seek out players whom have accumulated 'sin' through various actions. Souls granted for successful invasion, guilty player loses infamy.

Darkmoon Covenant Ring - Infinite usage. Granted upon entry into the Blades of the Darkmoon Covenant. When the player is a member of the Darkmoon Covenant it has the effect of summoning you to a darkened Anor Londo to assassinate players who have killed a certain NPC linked to the Darkmoon Blades. Souls granted for successful assassination, targeted players will be pursued by the Darkmoon Blades as long as they remain in Anor Londo.

Cat Covenant Ring - Infinite usage. Given upon entry into the Forest Hunter Covenant. When part of the Forest Hunter's Covenant it has the effect of summoning you into the world of players who are 'trespassing' within the Darkroot Forest regions. Souls granted for successful invasion.

Eye of Death - Consumable. Linked to the Gravelord Covenant, lays down a sign which infects the worlds of three other players at random, causing the appearance of Black Phantom enemies. Players who find your sign can attempt to invade your world in order to end the effect, slaying these players who invade will grant you additional Eyes of Death, can also be found in short quantities throughout the game. Also used to deepen allegiance with the Gravelord Covenant.

Everlasting Dragon Eye - Infinite usage. Linked to the Path of the Dragon Covenant, lays down a sign which allows you to be summoned to a duel by players in possession of a Dragon Scale. Winning said duel after a successful Dragon Eye summon will grant you said Dragon Scale(s), which are used to deepen allegiance with the Dragon Covenant, and also used for upgrading Dragon weapons.

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User Info: Renegade

9 years ago#3
Q5) What are the requirements for summoning players to my aid?

A) Requirements for summoning players are as follows:

1. You must be in revived (human) form.

2. The boss of the area you intend to summon other players to must not have yet been killed.

3. Where other players have laid down their White Sign Soapstone, you will see white symbols on the ground. On the PS3 network there tends to be a lot more summon traffic near bonfires or in front of boss areas, I don't know if this convention is followed on the 360. You can use these symbols to summon players into your game, follow the prompts.

Q6) Why am I not seeing summon signs? Why am I not getting summoned? I've waited 'X' minutes/hours/days/weeks?

A) As of patch 1.03 and prior, summoning operates on the basis of a +/- 10 + 10% of your current level that determines whom you can play with. Typically, if you are level 700+ then you are not going to be playing with your friend who just started the game at level 2. Invading on the other hand has no upper limit restriction, a level for instance 50 can invade anyone above level 50, keep this in mind.

The most important things to consider with summoning / being summoned are:

1. You are within an appropriate level range for the area you are trying to summon others in / trying to be summoned in.

As such, complaining that you aren't being summoned when you're level 402 at the Undead Burg in NG+ is an exercise in asininity.

2. You are waiting in / laying your summon signs down in high-traffic areas.

High-traffic areas are usually wherever a bonfire is found (bonfires that permit the laying of summon signs, that is, e.g. Anor Londo's third bonfire) or alternatively, outside the entrances to boss fights. Now, it is of course possible to find summon signs / be summoned after having laid your sign down elsewhere, but these will likely produce less frequency in summoning / being summoned.

Note: Players within the same Covenants are drawn closer together on the network, as such you are more likely to see their summon signs than those in different Covenants or alternatively those without any Covenant allegiance.

Q7) Why do people stop leveling at 'X' level?

A) Mainly to stay within the populated co-op level ranges, or alternatively for the sake of min-maxing PvP characters, which entails having them optimised by a certain level that still permits distinction between builds. Basically, the higher you go, the similar every character becomes (with people eventually having 99 in everything), the PvP community does not entertain this prospect. On the PS3 network the most popular level ranges are between about 20 and 150, where you personally choose to stop depends on what you're looking to do.

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User Info: Renegade

9 years ago#4
Q8) What should my stats look like?

A) I am not going to go into extreme detail with this, but what your stats should look like depends on what level range you're aiming to stick to. For the typical level 100-120 spreads, however:

Vitality starts to experience diminishing returns after 30, but is still good up to 50.

Attunement investment will depend on how many slots you want for Sorcery/Miracles/Pyromancy.

Stamina caps at 40 Endurance, only equip weight and other linked attributes go up if you continue to raise it beyond this figure. A good point to stop if you're melee.

Your main scaling attribute (Strength, Dex, Intelligence, Faith, etc) should be around 40-50 as well, some of the late-game Miracles / Sorceries require 50 investment, in particular the Sunlight Spear and Seath's Crystal Breath. Everything else should be at the minimum for using the gear / Sorceries / Miracles that you want to use.

Note: When using a two-handed grip (triangle button), your Strength figure becomes 1.5x its original value. If you have 16 Strength in one-hand grip, then you will have an equivalent of 24 Strength when two-handing. This is important to remember when designing stat spreads for optimised builds.

Q9) What attribute does Pyromancy scale with?

A) None.

Pyromancy's damage increases as you upgrade the Pyro Flame (the casting catalyst, that is).

Q10) Lulz, u a n00bzor, broski! It says right there it scales with Intelligence!

A) That ain't a question, fool. =.=

However, the Intelligence scaling only affects the melee damage that the Pyro Flame (casting catalyst) deals when you hit people with it, not the Pyromancy spells themselves. And yes, that is about as useless as it sounds.

Q11) I just hit an NPC and now he/she wants to dine on my insides! / I just got kicked out of a Covenant! What do?

A) You can request absolution (which mends your relationship with NPC's / Covenants) through interacting with Oswald of Carim (sp?), an NPC whom you can find on the ground floor of the Belltower behind where you fought the Belfry Gargoyles. He will only appear after you've rung the bell by hitting the lever at the top of the tower.

Absolution does, however, cost Souls, in patch 1.03 and prior it's your Level x 2000. In patch 1.04 this has been changed to Level x 500.

Q12) What should I do with Firekeeper Souls?

A) They are used to upgrade the potency of your Estus Flasks. Talk to any Firekeeper NPC in order to perform said upgrade.

Q13) Anastacia of Astora is missing and the Firelink Shrine bonfire went out, wut? And What does the Black Eye Orb do?

A) A possible storyline event depending on your prior actions, Anastacia can eventually be restored to her position (again, depending on your actions) as Firekeeper, which will then reignite the bonfire at Firelink Shrine.

The Black Eye Orb will become usable when you reach the main hall of Anor Londo prior to fighting the boss, an in-game notification will be given to the player when this occurs.

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User Info: Renegade

9 years ago#5
Q14) For some reason my character is now manoeuvring with the elegance of a brick s***house. What up with that, holmes?

A) You have exceeded one of the breakpoints for equip weight, they are as follows:

< 25% of your total equip weight = Fastest possible manoeuvring speed and rolling.

= / > 25% < 50% of your total equip weight = Slower manoeuvring speed, rolling speed somewhat slower.

= / > 50% < 100% of your total equip weight = Slower manoeuvring speed again, rolling speed is significantly slower.

= / > 100% of your total equip weight = Complete brick s***house status, you move like a turtle and rolling is literally not going to happen at this point.

Q15) I like my cool-ass Ornstein Armor and Lightning Zweihander +5, is there any way I can wear all this heavy gear / apparel and still manoeuvre quickly?

A) You can try:

1. Raising your Endurance (which raises your total equip weight).
2. Using Havel's Ring, Ring of Favor and Protection, the Dark Wood Grain Ring or a combination of the aforementioned.
3. ... Wearing stuff that isn't so darn heavy in the first place. >_>"

Q16) Holy bananas Batman! I just saw some random dude flipping around like a Ninja, cartwheels n' all. How can I do this?

A) It's a result of using the Dark Wood Grain Ring. You can obtain said ring by killing Shiva's Ninja companion and retrieving it from his corpse after joining the Forest Covenant. You can find him immediately outside and to the left behind Shiva himself after speaking with Alvina. He's standing on the edge of the cliff, barely visible due to being under the effect of the Fog Ring.

Q17) What is the purpose of the Boss Souls?

A) They are used primarily for the sake of creating unique weapons and other equipment, alternatively, they can also be consumed, though this is not recommended for obvious reasons.

Q18) Where can I upgrade my weapons to +10 / Lightning / Fire / Chaos etc?)

A) Various blacksmiths offer different routes for upgrading, some paths require that you find the corresponding 'Embers' located throughout the game and giving them to the appropriate blacksmith on your next visit.

Blacksmith Andrei - Area connecting the Undead Parish and Darkroot Garden, go down the stairs and past the bonfire, he's on the bottom floor. Unique upgrades offered include: +10, Divine, and Occult paths.

Rickert of Vinheim - New Londo Ruins, move to the right after dropping out of the elevator, go down the stairs and you'll find him to the left behind the bars. Unique upgrades offered include: Crystal, Magic and Enchanted paths.

Giant Blacksmith - Anor Londo, from the boss fog leading to Smough and Ornstein in the main hall, turn around, go up the right side (with the Silver Knight wielding the Dragonslayer Great Bow), go up the stairs immediately to his left and follow them up. Search for a passage to the right as you reach near the top, this will take you to the smith. Unique upgrades offered include: Lightning path and Boss-Soul infusion.

Blacksmith Vamos - Catacombs, going from the first bonfire, proceed through the area until you reach a spiral staircase that prematurely breaks off. You'll need to roll (or walk / run) off the edge of said broken staircase onto a number of platforms until you reach the bottom, where Vamos will 'introduce' himself. Unique upgrades offered include: Fire and Chaos paths.

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User Info: Renegade

9 years ago#6
Q19) I got invaded by someone who looked transparent and I couldn't lock onto them. W-T-F?

A) It's a result of using the Fog Ring / Hidden Body Sorcery, as you have already keenly observed they produce a transparency effect and prevents locking on. In patch 1.04, however, this has been rectified and you will be able to lock onto individuals and NPCS using the aforementioned ring or Sorcery.

For the time being I would suggest learning to pivot backstab, using weapons with wide-sweeping arcs, or using Homing Soul Mass / Tranquil Walk of Peace to bring these suckers down. Alternatively, use the ring yourself, it can be obtained by achieving three successful kills as a part of the Forest Covenant or through trading a Skull Lantern with Snuggly the Crow.

Q20) I got invaded by someone who casted some sort of Shield-related spell and I couldn't deal any damage to them. W-T-F?

A) Another issue being rectified in patch 1.04, Strong Magic Shield incorrectly produces temporary invincibility, frankly, there is little you can do other then stall the user out by running away, using the environment or something like Tranquil Walk of Peace until the effect runs dry. Again, alternatively, just as above, you can always use it yourself as a counter.

Q21) What is that spell that restricts my movement?

A) That would be either Tranquil Walk of Peace (TWoP) or the Stone Greatsword Special (produces the same effect). Another effect which is being altered in patch 1.04, as many feel that it is a bit too strong as it currently stands, claims which are not wholly unjustified, especially when used in tandem with equipment like the 1.03 Ring of Fog. As far as potential counters are concerned, I would suggest appropriate poise + Wrath of God, using TWoP or the SGS Special yourself, Force spam, Homing Soul Mass, weapons with a wide-sweeping arc, or ultimately preventing them from casting it in the first place.

Q22) Mind telling me what 'Poise' is, guv'na?

A) Sure.

Poise is an indication of your ability to withstand attacks without being staggered, it is represented by a numbered figure you can find on the right side of the view status menu. Different armors have different poise figures, obviously the more poise you have, the heavier attacks you can withstand. According to tests run by individuals like EWGF (which essentially means you can trust that s***), it's sort of like a "stamina bar", when you're struck, this invisible meter depletes as you get hit and then you become more vulnerable to being staggered, different weapons, however, do require different poise totals to negate being staggered by. Aside from poise granted by armor, it can also be improved by using the Wolf Ring (+40 poise) and temporarily raised through use of the Iron Skin Pyromancy spell.

Q23) How can I arrange to play with my friends?

A) Dark Souls uses a Peer to Peer (P2P) system of online play, essentially it operates by arbitrarily throwing players into any number of generated lobbies which are, every now and then shuffled. You will only be able to play with the players in your lobby until the shift occurs. Typically this makes consistently playing with friends somewhat irritating, granted it can be done, people claim that by simply laying down your sign repeatedly that it appears in different players lobbies, or by simply laying a sign down and waiting it will achieve the same effect over time, but I cannot, however, confirm this is 100% accurate. Take this knowledge with a grain of salt.

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User Info: Renegade

9 years ago#7
Q24) My Blue Eye Orb / Red Eye Orb / Cracked Red Eye Orb / Summonings always fail and I keep getting backstabbed in the face! This game sucks ass!1!1

A) QQ.

But seriously, lets apply some common sense to this 'criticism', shall we? Invasions only go one way in terms of levels, up. Second, the invasion "search" area for the consumables is limited to that particular area of the game that you're using it in. Are you level 95 trying to use a Cracked Red Eye Orb in the Undead Parish? Well herpa derp, pal, I hope you understand why it's likely not working as often as you want it to.

What would be more appropriate? Say, level 35 invading Anor Londo.

Level 50 invading the Painted World of Ariamis.

Level 60 invading Duke's Archives.

Anywhere up until level about 115-120 invading the Kiln, etc.

So rule of thumb, stick to a good level range appropriate to where you favor invading, and stick to high-traffic areas that are consistent with the level range you're invading with, otherwise you will experience failure more often than not.

As for summoning failures and getting backstabbed in the face, again, perhaps this is in some part attributable to unoptimised net code (which is allegedly being addressed in future patches), but also keep in mind that with P2P you can potentially wind up playing with any and everyone across the world with a copy of Dark Souls. Do you really think that every individual has a perfect internet connection? Do you think that latency or other issues that are caused by distance from player to player is a non-existent problem? Do you really think this can allegedly be solved by changing a few lines of code? This is a naive train of thought. It is not the exclusive fault of the game, as such, do not solely attribute it to failure on part of the developers, it is simply not true. Getting "facestabbed", whilst certainly annoying, is for the most part unavoidable sooner or later, and even with dedicated servers in Demon's Souls this was still a rampant issue.

Q25) I don't want to engage in forced PvP, how can I avoid invasion?

A) The most obvious method of avoiding invasion is by remaining in hollow form, another method that will reduce the likelihood of invasion is by joining the Way of the White Covenant. Lastly you can always opt to play offline if neither of these options are attractive to you.

Q26) I don't wanna do that, I'm just gonna disconnect whenever I get invaded.

A) Well then you're a coward, or a troll, or both.

There are plenty of legitimate venues for avoiding invasion, I suggest you use them instead of depriving invaders of their enjoyment of the game, and also the enjoyment of players who like the concept of randomised PvP and accept invasions as a legitimate and fun mechanic of Dark Souls.

The one potential exception to this rule would be disconnecting against people abusing glitches that are going to be rectified in patch 1.04 (i.e. Greater Magic Shield / TWoP AOE of death, etc), frankly, that mob can gee tee eff oh.

Q27) But I just wanna co-op and steamroll through the game with little to no risk of ever dying or having to face setbacks!

A) Too bad, bub. The developers intentionally designed this as a risk-reward system, you want to summon help? You run the risk of invasion. You remain in hollow form to avoid invasion? Then you don't get to summon help. Deal.

Q28) How do I trade with Snuggly the Crow? What can I get through trading with Snuggly

Simply stand in her nest, drop the desired item, quit out the menu on the spot, reload your game, then pick up the item Snuggly has exchanged for it in its place.

Exchange list can be found here: http://darksoulswiki.wikispaces.com/Snuggly

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User Info: Renegade

9 years ago#8
.::Starting Tips and Other Things::.

- Unless you began with Black Firebombs as a gift, quickly move past the Asylum Demon when he appears. When you've retrieved your gear, drop down on him from above with a plunging attack to deal heavy damage (walk off the ledge, and press one of the attack buttons as you're falling).

- Join the Way of the White Covenant at the beginning by talking to Petrus in Firelink Shrine, if you intend to play in revived form this will assist by reducing the likelihood of being invaded by low-level griefing garbage. If you raise Faith to 12 you can also purchase the Heal Miracle from him after joining, this is an enormous advantage in the early-game and beyond.

- Doing a 'suicide run' to collect the gear in the graveyard next to Firelink Shrine is fairly common, you can pick up a Winged Spear, Zweihander, Binoculars, a shield and some other goodies right off the bat.

- Explore Firelink Shrine thoroughly, if you go to where Petrus is, follow the stairs up to the right and drop down the shaft, you'll come to an area with four chests containing Cracked Red Eye Orbs, a Talisman, Morning Star, Lloyd's Talismans and Homeward Bones.

- If you wind up in the New Londo Ruins or the Catacombs this early in the game you are going the wrong way and will likely meet a very quick death. Proceed to the Undead Burg by going up the stairs close to the cliff-side near the bonfire, if you see a group of hollow soldiers you're on the right track.

- If you have 12 Dex, be sure to purchase a Short Bow from the merchant in the Undead Burg and about 40 Standard Arrows so you can obtain the Drake Sword from the Hellkite Dragon early-on. This will be of great help getting through the beginning parts of the game. If you don't manage to pick up a Hollow Soldier Shield from the grunts you've slain, then consider picking up a Heater Shield from the merchant as well, 100 physical reduction, fairly decent in other areas, and also light-weight. If you didn't start with the Master Key, think about picking up the Residence Key from him also, it will make the next fight a lot easier.

Drake Sword Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lS0x5OpEt8M

- Contrary to the commentary in the video, do not waste upgrades on the Drake Sword, you will be discarding it further into the game.

- Use the Master Key / Residence Key to bust open the locked houses, make sure to pick up the Lightning Resin.

- You do not have to fight the Black Knight you meet soon after, as they are typically quite tough for new players. Either way, if you're determined then make sure you're packing a decent shield, block a few of his strikes if you wish (to learn the patterns) and just repeatedly circle-strafe and backstab until he dies. He is guarding a ring which improves your defense when you're close to death.

- Before engaging the Taurus Demon on the bridge, turn around after you walk down the stairs, to the left there is a ladder, climb it and dispose of the hollow soldiers at the top. Before you get too far across the bridge, apply the Lightning Resin you should've picked up earlier to your weapon, then trigger his appearance. Quickly run back and climb up the ladder and perform a plunging attack, this should drain more than half of his HP, from here you can simply bash him to death after you land before he can regain his composure.
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User Info: Renegade

9 years ago#9
- When you reach the next bridge filled with hollow soldiers, take a few steps out then run back and take cover behind the wall, unless you enjoy being barbecued by flying dragons. Make sure you talk to Solaire and obtain the White Soapstone in this area before you move forward. He can be found directly opposite the bridge, if you're facing the Hellkite Dragon, simply turn around and keep walking until you see him. Take note of the locked door here.

- In order to move across the bridge, stick to the right hand side of the wall as you move forward. When you get to where the hollow soldiers were, look to the right and go down the stairs, proceed through the hole to the left and kick the ladder down for a shortcut to the previous bonfire. Do not drop down without first kicking the ladder unless you want to lose all your progress and be forced to make your way back from the bonfire all over again.

- After you've moved past the Hellkite Dragon via the under-route, pick up the Mystery Key and the Basement Key in the following areas. The Mystery Key is on the second floor of the structure with the stairs leading downward behind the Mecha Boar. The Basement Key is behind the gate next to the lever, which is also coincidentally behind the Mecha Boar. You will be going there shortly, do not forget to pick it up.

- Use the Mystery Key to free Knight Lautrec of Carim from imprisonment on the second / third floor of the church. Imporant Note: Do not attack him at this point as it has the potential to cause an autosave bug which can screw with your PS3's hard-drive if it continues long enough.

- Revive yourself at the bonfire near the blacksmith before fighting the Belfry Gargoyles, this is so you can summon Solaire for assistance. You can find his gold summon sign right next to the boss fog. Chop the tail off the first gargoyle for a unique weapon, a second gargoyle will join the fight when you reduce the first to around 50% hp, be warned.

- If you have the Master Key you can go back to Firelink Shrine, take a shortcut through the Londo Ruins -> Valley of Drakes -> backdoor into Blighttown. If not, you are going back to where you first met the Hellkite Dragon on the bridge, use the Basement Key to open the locked door I mentioned at the start of this post.

- When fighting the Capra Demon, your priority is killing the two dogs. As soon as you enter the boss fog make a bee-line up the stairs and stand on the archway. Kill the dogs and then focus your attention on the boss. Though the Drake Sword will make short work of him, keep an eye on his wind-up attacks, they are deadly.

- Take a left as soon as you walk outside where you entered from and go down the stairs, kill the hollow thieves and take the stairs to the left. Head to the top and make note of the merchant in the tunnel behind the bars, she sells purging stones which are used to remove Curse status, important for the next section. Proceed down the tunnel, unlock the gate shortcut and replenish your Estus Flasks at Firelink Shrine.

- Go back to where the Hollow Thieves are and look to the left, there's a door leading to The Depths. Be sure to free Laurentius when you find him (roll to break the barrels). When you get far in enough, be especially careful of the 'Frogs' that use their breath to curse you.

- Don't attack NPC's 'just because', many of them have interesting thing to say about the lore of Dark Souls and some have paths throughout the game that you can follow.

- Be sure to grab the Lightning Spear in Sen's Fortress. I also suggest making Quelaag's Fury as soon as you get to Anor Londo, requires a 10+ Curved Sword (non-Katana) and Quelaag's Soul, upgrade both weapons asap, they can easily last you throughout the rest of the game.

And that about does it... : ) ***You May Now Post***
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Awesome stuff Renegade! :D This is the best thread i've seen on this board by far. How do i request a sticky again? ;)
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