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User Info: theandy2000

8 years ago#1
Translated by Brett (twitch.tv/thebrett)
Taken from in-game testing / jp wiki notes (http://w.livedoor.jp/project_dark)

Magic Changes:
Pyro Glove nerfed from 270 to 230.
You can see resonance signs now.
Vow of Silence range increased.
Sorcery spell damage as a whole was slightly buffed, but Homing Soul Mass and other pursuit style spells were nerfed.
Magic Shield duration lowered to ~11 seconds.
Strong Magic Shield duration lowered to ~11 seconds. Invincibility removed. Effect on Stamina drastically reduced.
Tranquil Walk of Peace and other Slow duration reduced to ~10 secs. Effect supposedly changed from 100% encumberance to 50%. Rolling possible if your equip burden is lowered. Slowness is similar to swamp effect.
Iron Flesh effectiveness nerfed.
Invisible Body duration remains unchanged.

Status Changes:
Base Equipment Burden increased (~6-10 points)
Humanity Item drop rate increased from 10 to 210
Medium roll recovery faster? (unclear and unconfirmed)
Defensive bonuses gained via Humanity reduced. Other defensive bonuses remain unchanged.
Item discovery gained via Humanity improved. Capped at 20.

Equipment Changes:
Reported some weapon scaling gets improved at higher normal upgrades (+15 uchi dex scaling goes to A)
Some scaling reported as changing from A to S with higher upgrades
Normal upgrade path buffed by ~10%
Lightning path nerfed slightly (~5%)

Specific Gear Changes:
Grant scaling changed to Strength:B and Faith:A
Gold-hemmed nerfed, still can't be upgraded.
Dust skirt nerfed hard (streamlined to match the other pieces).
Silver Knights, Sun, Hollow Soldier's Shield and other medium shield stability nerfed to ~70 at max upgrades to improve Great Shield viability.
Crystal Ring Shield scaling drastically nerfed. Does around ~200 +-50
Dragon Greatsword buffed from 360 to 390.
Silver Knight's Sword lightning effect removed. Now enchantable.

Combat Changes:
Lock-on acquisition range increased.
Lock-on changing/switching got easier (more responsive).

Ring of Fog users can now be locked on.

PVE Changes:
Overall increase in souls gained (~2-2.5 times more)
Damage reduced on some mobs?
HP lowered on some mobs?
Reduced acquisition range on normal enemies.
Supposedly reduced poise on some enemies.
Bosses drop Humanity and Homeward Bones
Ghosts and Skeletons give souls now.
Twinkling Titanite drop rate improved.
Pyromancers in Catacombs drop Skull Lanterns.
Darkwraiths in New Londo drop Dark Hand.

Online Changes:
You can see resonance signs.
Some invasion restrictions possibly changed? Darkwraith upperlimit confirmed as unchanged.
Amount of souls the Master of the game gains changed.
Cracked Eye Orbs no longer get consumed on failure. Confirmed
You can hit Select to rate messages.

Covenant Changes:
Covenant Material drop rate improved.
Lowered requirements for Sunbro covenenant (requirements moved from 50 to 25. 3/4 assists should do the trick)


User Info: theandy2000

8 years ago#2
Other Changes:
Official Guide nerfed.
Forest Hunter NPC farming remains unchanged.
Dark Anor Londo NPC farming remains unchanged.

Merchant stock updates:
Male Undead Merchant: Also sells bottomless box
Female Undead Merchant: Sells Arrows / Crossbolts
Andrei: Sells Arrows / Crossbolts
Domnhal of Xena: Sells Arrows / Crossbolts, Master Key (5000)
Giant Blacksmith (Fapsmith): Sells Arrows / Crossbolts, Small Titanite Shards, Large Tit Shards, Twinkling (8000 per, inf amount), Green Shards, Repair box, upgrade boxes
Vamos: Arrows / Crossbolts, Small Tit, Large tit, Repair box / upgrade boxes
Inglwood: Sells Transient Curses

Fixed some freeze issues
Lvl up screen displays souls needed properly now
Dragon-head glitch, snuggly, and magic shield glitches fixed.
Fixed a bug where your inputs come out 1 second later.
Fixed a bug where the second solaire event wont progress.
Fixed a bug where feeding frampt a titanite stone then going over 99 resulted in having zero.
Fixed some specific map areas where you'd get stuck or be unable to progress.
Changed some english subtitles on the overseas port.

User Info: Penile_Finesse

8 years ago#3
Ahhh, I'm lovin' it.

You are already... deceased. -Kenshiro

User Info: SirRegulus

8 years ago#4
Nice, thanks for relaying this.

Magic Shield duration lowered to ~11 seconds.

Strong Magic Shield duration lowered to ~11 seconds. Invincibility removed. Effect on Stamina drastically reduced.

Bwah? Not worth the attunement slots. If anything, they should have buffed the duration for these spells.

User Info: Tmk

8 years ago#5
Yeah they really made some mistakes with some of these buff spells. They've effectively made iron flesh and the magic shield spells worthless.
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User Info: xtraflossy

8 years ago#6

Pyromancers in Catacombs drop Skull Lanterns.? REALLY!? :)

User Info: theandy2000

8 years ago#7
These notes are awesome because this dude actually went through the time to test the results himself.

User Info: DuneMan

8 years ago#8
Yeah, nerfing the stamina drain reduction alongside the duration makes those spells kind of worthless now as well. The same goes for TWoP. If you lessen the effect, keep the duration. TWoP with 30 seconds is perfect if it just gives the other player 50%-100% Equip Burden. Magic Shield is perfect without the invincibility, instead buffing stability and cut rates.
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User Info: Lives

8 years ago#9
theandy2000 posted...
Other Changes:
Official Guide nerfed.

Ahaha! Noooo. It's still useful to find out where weapons/armor/items are for those sections, but yeah, the official guide won't have the right stats for weapons and armor now :(

I still say buy the guide, it's still worth it.

User Info: OhsillyDutchman

8 years ago#10
I can't believe they left Great Magic Barrier untouched. Oh well it'll make dealing with all the people who are inevitably going to be using the Moonlight Greatsword alot easier.
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