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Gra_ham_man5 10 years ago#1

I wanna make a good melee Faith build. Anyone know the best way to build it?

Gra_ham_man5 10 years ago#2
The_Blue_Stuff 10 years ago#3
pick pyro or wanderer. pump stats into faith, join way of white.?
This is what I do at work -http://img651.imageshack.us/img651/1650/dragonu.png
Inuakurei 10 years ago#4
Why would you pick pyro... picking cleric gives you the best talisman with a A scaling in faith. all others have a B or worse.
Gra_ham_man5 10 years ago#5
None of that answered my question... -_-
Gra_ham_man5 10 years ago#6
bump........... -_-
Gra_ham_man5 10 years ago#7
What starting item should I pick? Thinking the pendant would be good.
Gra_ham_man5 10 years ago#8
_Dreamcast_ 10 years ago#9
raise str and dex high enough to meet the minimum requirements for what weapon/armor/shield you wanna use...

raise attunement up to the amount of spell slots you want (personally 4 is good for me)...

raise faith to 50 (the point of diminishing return)...

dump the rest into vit and end...


EDIT: grab whatever miralces you like the most, either a +5 occult or +10 divine weapon (which weapon depends on personal preference [or grab an elemental weapon i guess]), and maybe a unique weapon that scales well with faith (again, up to personal preference)...

just my $0.02
dercoo 10 years ago#10

Learn offensive miracles(joinging sun group gets lightning throwing miricles that are bad @SS, God's wrath when avalible

Get a good faith/occault bow(occault has S bonus for faith, only weapon)

up str/dex when needed to use weapon

try to get health and stamina to 20(later 25+)

use holy/occult/or lightning as melee weapon

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