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  3. Online Co-Op/Summoning PETITION!!!!!!

User Info: D_RocksPS3

9 years ago#1
Now I'm not normally one to complain, but this new P2P server thing is ruining the online experience for everybody. Not being able to at least join/help someone who specifically needs your help is plain stupid. In Demon Souls, the system wasn't full proof, but we could more or less buddy up and slay some demons with the people we wanted to with. This new system if crap and am disappointed in From Software for doing such. We already can't have chat/mics and can't specifically invite someone so why make the system worse? I know what they are trying to with having random people but sucking the fun out of the whole reason the online WAS fun from Demon Souls, is just a very poor decision.

So this is a petition to From Software to bring back the old method of Demon Souls or at least make it so you actually have a CHANCE to buddy up with the person your trying to join. Of course this is not guaranteed, but hell I (we) got to try to make Dark Souls an even better experience!

So if you feel the same please go over to the official Dark Souls web site (called preparetodie), go to forums, then "Ask the Developer" and it should be on the main page. Not sure if I can post direct links but here it is anyways: http://www.preparetodie.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2829

User Info: D_RocksPS3

9 years ago#2

User Info: KaraSawaKnight

9 years ago#3
No way its gonna work man, but its a nice idea. I'll sign to help but nobody should really get their hopes up, imo.
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User Info: Santaeid

9 years ago#4
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User Info: Deviruki

9 years ago#5
oh hai. :D
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User Info: ragedemonz

9 years ago#6
Now correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the major influence to the coop was covenants. When you are part of a covenant you'll coop with other players of that particular covenant.
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User Info: pure_filth

9 years ago#7
so your saying that i can't just lay a summon sign down and have a friend wait there to summon me?

User Info: Gmoney-

9 years ago#8

From: pure_filth | 10/5/2011 10:37:55 PM
so your saying that i can't just lay a summon sign down and have a friend wait there to summon me?

Nope. It works sometimes. But barely ever. It sucks.
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User Info: Demoskinos85

9 years ago#9
So.... your mad because you can't do something the developers never intended you to be able to do in the first place? Totally logical.
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User Info: D_RocksPS3

9 years ago#10
pure_filth posted...
so your saying that i can't just lay a summon sign down and have a friend wait there to summon me?

That is exactly how the new system works unfortunately :/

Hmmm well I think the Covenant's main goal was to have people in "clans" sorta to have teams and make competition a little spicier. Now imagine if they brought back the old system, and the benefit of easier summoning within Covenants. But it's not just summoning, it's the lack of ghost and notes too

Well, if there's one thing I learned from Demon/Dark Souls, it's that I will never defeat an opponent unless I try :) But I'm not the only petitioning, check the official Dark Souls forums (not gamefaqs) and virtually EVERYONE is unhappy with the new system, and to me is the only major flaw in the game thus far. It's not bad, but if it ain't broke (Demon Souls method) then don't fix it.
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