Double movement, concentration or anti intercept?

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User Info: Cosmic

2 years ago#11
I would "argue" that levelling up the stats is more beneficial than not, simply because you gain an advantage as well, and more so than the AI units.

A character with very low innate Evasion is not going to benefit all that much from levelling Evasion to max, but a character with naturally high Evasion is going to be extremely evasive with the stat maxxed out, such as Elliot the Scout. He'll gain 1 Evasion point for almost every level Evasion is raised in training. Compare that to characters like Serge or Felix, who will only be gaining 1 Evasion point every four or five levels it's raised.

In the end, the characters with naturally high Accuracy or Evasion are going to shine when their respective stats are raised to max. It's only pointless to raise a certain stat for certain characters, but since all characters receive the bonus at level up, it's still beneficial to do so, imo.

The characters who were basically designed to end up as Snipers (Ada, Serge, Eleanor, etc) have such high Accuracy that levelling it to max will make using the Concentration potential on them a bit of a waste, which is why I'd rather give them Ammo Refill, most especially on those that murder tanks.
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User Info: lunajenny

2 years ago#12
Having used Riela's special some more I've decided it's balanced. If you've got a mission to capture 3 camps and you have 3 sp, you only need access to the maps with the bases on, no need to defend them, just use Riela's special to capture each camp since her AP recovers each time she uses it. Pretty OP!
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  3. Double movement, concentration or anti intercept?

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