class distribution?

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User Info: igor140

3 years ago#1
not sure if anyone still pokes around here, but that's the deal with the class distribution in this game? i understand that you can technically make anybody into any class, but the "preferred" classes make a HUGE difference; 40hp is a big deal.

if i am adding this up correctly, there are only 3 snipers (including the "secret" eleanor), 4 engineers, and four scouts (including aliasse)... some of whom overlap. in the meantime, there are about 15 characters who are split between lancer, shocktrooper, and fencer.

it seems impossible to keep a healthy rotation as characters max out different jobs.

correct me if i'm wrong, but this is how i see the breakdown of classes, in order of their importance (the number is the minimum i would like in my squad):

scout (4): extremely important for capturing enemy bases, seeing in poor visibility, and clearing out weaker enemy stragglers.

lancer (3): necessary in certain situations, but useless in others; you should never need more than 3 (MAYBE 4 in a handful of battles)

shocktroopers (5): best ranged attackers, but horrible mobility limits them to defense and short movements. because they don't move far from bases, you don't need more than 5 or 6.

sniper (2): critical for taking down high defense targets such as heavy armor and lancers.

fencer (2): ideal for clearing out closely grouped enemies, regardless of defense; ie, clearing the "backside" of newly captured bases.

engineer (3): backup scouts, resupplies, and healers

gunner (2): useless in 98% of situations, except for the handful of times you need to have some one defending a base for more than one turn.

armored tech (1-2): thoroughly mediocre fencers. the only times i've used them after acquiring fencers is as defense if my gunners would be under too much fire (this has happened exactly twice).

SO, what this adds up to is that the game gives you WAY too many fencers, lancers, and shocktroopers. should i just abandon the preferred classes?
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User Info: GamerInJapan

3 years ago#2
igor140 posted...
should i just abandon the preferred classes?

Hi, first off, welcome to the VC3 forums.

Ultimately, I think accessories overrule preferred classes but it helps to use the preferred classes with the character in mind. It will depend on your playstyle, but you are not pigeon-holed to make Kurt a shocktrooper just cause that is his prefered class. In fact I often make him a scout as his Direct Command can make others tag along. What you should look at is more like the stats like evade and accuracy and make your team based on that.

Now for a break down of classes:

Scouts are essential for S ranking which is usually based on capturing bases. You MUST keep 3 scouts available at all times and be sure you max them out class wise (i.e. get them to Elite) so you have that extra AP (movement points).

Shocktroopers get flamethrowers at third class which allow you to kill bunkers, so always have one unit with a flamethrower available. Troopers also tend to have better firepower so keep a lot around.

Snipers are bloody broken in this and I have 3 or 4 always available. one should be anti-tank, the rest use 3 shot sniper rifles. Take one sniper and one medic and you will have automatic refill of ammo for 1 cp.

Fencers are nearly useless in VC3 due to their paper armor -- they are only good for Ace hunting (near a base), or areas packed with troops together (both of which are a rarity).

Engineers are OP, as they heal, refill ammo, and have better AP than scouts in their first job. They also level up easily, so I tend to make everyone an engineer to get their skills and jobs. 3rd job allows a AOE super buff for 1 CP.

Gunners also OP if you use penetration command and anti-armor guns. Remember when they assist they shoot straight ahead .

Armored-tech are needed to S rank some missions due to their shield. They can take protected bases very well (where a tank can't go) and they can be bunker killers too. Like fencers they dont get counterattacked. But their weapons are poor unless you get Ace drops or post game tech.

Good luck hunting.
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