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User Info: Darkoon_

6 years ago#1
I have a problem where every time I try to play online, my PS3 will always freeze 100% of the time. I have tried this 4 times now and I want to know if it is freezing because of the instability of PSN? or the game simply just doesn't want me to play online.
PSN: Darkoon

User Info: jsthestatman

6 years ago#2
i also freeze everytime, atleast during the last 2 weeks or so. prior to that i did plenty of online play with very little freezing, however it still did occur occasionally.

User Info: killaz18

6 years ago#3

happens to me to, i actually bring up the xmb feature rigth when it starts to loadand i find it helps keep it from freezing. tho it still did freeze once with xmb up, but not since.

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