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User Info: Kyosukeshun

7 years ago#1
I know there was a topic a year ago about this, but i want to know a year later what do you think about him.

Is he gay or just a very energetic person?

I think he may be gay but I'm pretty confused so maybe your arguments can convince me otherwise.

Also ITT, you can say who also you think is gay.

PS. Title is written with a 4 because of the censorship.

User Info: ZeroEdge

7 years ago#2
bartz takes pride in his mimickry.

who takes pride in mimicking girls' voices?

User Info: EpsteinBarr

7 years ago#3
He's an absolute stud in his own game.

User Info: MegaWentEvil

7 years ago#4
1. Gay is longer banned in topic titles.
2. I don't care either way.

User Info: Kyosukeshun

7 years ago#5
EpsteinBarr posted...
He's an absolute stud in his own game.

I know, maybe the teleportation process of being called to another world made some changes in his mind... and pants.

User Info: Jecths_Fayth

7 years ago#6
maybe not full blown gay, but he's definitly somewhere in the middle.

now kuja, HE'S gay.
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User Info: ChipNoir

7 years ago#7
Gay or not, it is kind rather amusing that Square pretty much shoe-horns him into Rinoa's role as far Squall's development in Dissidia.
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User Info: YonKitoTaoshibe

7 years ago#8
Jecths_Fayth posted...

now kuja, HE'S gay.

Kuja isn't gay. He's a histrionic narcissist. He can't be attracted to anything besides himself. And because he loves his own image, he thinks that everyone else ought to admire it.

Bartz is a bit questionable. As a mimic, I'm sure he'll go any way. Guys, girls, chocobos, whatever.
Okay, maybe not chocobos. Just Boco.
Of course, perhaps he's so certain of his studliness that he can act as gay as he wants and not question himself later on.
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User Info: Espeon8

7 years ago#9
So wait...being an energetic person makes you gay? Seems rather odd. I suppose Zidane and Tidus might also potentially be gay, using that logic...
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User Info: MagiusNecros

7 years ago#10
GILGAMESHxBartz Bromance should have implied something.

They both go both ways.
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