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  3. Ok can someone make sense of this messed up time loop story for Garland?

User Info: Big_Brownie25

7 years ago#1
I'm just gonna start off by saying that I really hate time loop stories, just to much thinking about a paradox to understand what is happening, so maybe you guys can help me out.

1)Ok I know Garland is Chaos 2000 years in the past but what I don't understand is if Garland was Chaos in the past why is he just regular Garland in the present? Is it because he lost his powers after fighting the warriors of light in FF1? Which I think took place 2000 years before dissidia.

If that is true then who is Chaos in the present of Dissidia? Is it the Garland of a previous timeline? Then if it is why is he here fighting Cosmos when he should be back in the FF1 time getting his ass kicked by the warriors of light like the other Garland was?

2) Does Dissidia take place in the future of the same world FF1 took place or is it an alternate version of the FF1 world? If it takes place in the same world why is Cornelia destroyed on the world map? Why is there no towns on the map or people other than the warriors? Did they all get exterminated by Chaos?

3) In a quote from Garland in Final Fantasy 1 he said "Do you remember me? I was once known as a knight of Cornelia. Two thousand years from now...you killed me. I am Garland. Oh, you did defeat me. But the four great forces saved me by sending me back through time! Once here, I sent the four Fiends into the future...where they shall once again use the force great forces to send me into the past! In two thousand years, I will remember none of this.But I will be reborn again here. So even as you die again and again, I shall return! Born again into this endless circle I have created!"

What does he mean by "in 2000 years I will remember none of this" isn't Garland already Chaos in that time because if Chaos forgot everything 2000 years later in Dissidia (which is shown when he talks of a dream he had about him and Cosmos) was it the result of his fight against the warriors of light? Relating to the first few questions, if this is true then how does this go with the fact that Garland is no longer Chaos and the amnesiac happens to be another Garland being the Chaos in the present?

So many questions and my head hurts just posting this confusing topic. I am sorry if I do not make sense, for I am trying to make sense of this story about Garland. Please correct me if I am mistaken because I never really beat FF1.

A quick unrelated question I have is:

4) Am I Big_Brownie23 the Great Will or is it that Lufenian Cid?

User Info: MidgardDragon99

7 years ago#2
"just to much thinking about a paradox to understand what is happening"

It's fiction, there's no paradox unless the story says here is one.

User Info: Big_Brownie25

7 years ago#3
You mean like when the Colonel in the MGS story says "You've created a time paradox!"?

User Info: Franzy_VonKarma

7 years ago#4

From: Big_Brownie25 | Posted: 3/24/2011 8:27:30 PM | #001
4) Am I Big_Brownie23 the Great Will or is it that Lufenian Cid?

Cid is the Great Will. It says so in his bio in the museum.
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User Info: Big_Brownie25

7 years ago#5
Oh ok...cause a lot of people said before that Shuyin calls the player the Great Will if you finish Inward Chaos.

User Info: FranckKnight

7 years ago#6
It's hard to explain, it's never fully explained in the end really. but yeah.

Garland was a 'created' weapon of war that rebelled. After the Warriors of Lights defeat him, the leftovers of the 4 elemental fiends use their energies to send him back in time. In the past, he sends the fully powered elemental fiends in the future from where he comes from to mess things up, while he becomes Chaos. So it's a whole 'deux ex machina' in which he ends up being his own creator more or less.

You know, "I'm my own grandpa" :/
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User Info: Akai_Chou

7 years ago#7
A quick unrelated question I have is:

4) Am I Big_Brownie23 the Great Will or is it that Lufenian Cid?

It's the player who is the Great will

User Info: Argonar_Alfaran

7 years ago#8
Garland is a weapon created for war. He is a Knight of Cornelia until he decides to kidnap the princess, it is then that he is killed by the four warriors of light.

But before dying, the four fiends use their power to revive Garland and send him back to the past 2000 years ago. In the sky fortress you have the chance to look down to the earth an can actually see that from the 4 places of the 4 fiends, energy is sent to the chaos shrine. (it's actually the energy they are stealing from the elementals of the planet)
That energy is sent to the past along with Garlant and is used by him to transfer into Chaos.

Chaos then takes the 4 fiends who actually existed in the past and send them to the future, so all of the events can happen. (They gather energy and send Garland back)

Normally Chaos would then defeat the warriors of light and win the battle, but during your playthrough the 4 warriors of light actually defeat Chaos and kill the 4 fiends before they can be sent to the future, thus ending the time loop. So the next time the warriors of light kill Garland, he is not revived anymore because there are no fiends to do so anymore.

So basically Chaos is not Garland from 2000 years ago, he is what Garland becomes, only that he lives 2000 years ago because of a time travel.
Chaos says that in 2000 years he will not remember, because those things haven't happened to him at this point. It would be more accurate to say he doesn't remember all of this yet.

Here is a theory of mine, I'm not sure if that's correct but this is how I understood everything. It's actually Chaos who sent the four heroes into the future again (until the last cycle controlled by the player where they travel to the future/present on their own), so basically in every cycle it's the same 4 warriors of light (thus they are never actually born) and because of their loss to chaos they do not remember who they are and where they came from (as explained at the beginning of ff1).

And despite losing to chaos in all the past cycles, they actually do save the world because after defeating the fiends, the world is safe. Chaos leaves the world and lives in another dimension (the dissidia one) and this is why he isn't present in the future. It's just that in the last cycle the warriors of light additionally prevent chaos' creation and thus safe the world of the past this time.

I believe that after that they travel to the present time again as in every other cycle and kill Garland again and it's actually this point where they have saved the world of past and present, and it's a gameplay decision that the player doesn't do it again because he has done it already at the beginning of the game and it would be a piece of cake with their lv anyways.

User Info: fortree

7 years ago#9
At the risk of being repetitive, I'll put how I understand it in bullet points:

> Fiends infect the earth and taint Garland

> Warriors of Light knock Garland down

> Fiends send Garland back in time to become Chaos

> Chaos sends fiends into the future to fulfill the prophecy

> Chaos, now with two thousand years of power, kill the Warriors of Light in revenge

Repeat for another eleven times until 13th cycle.

> Warriors of Light manage to gather the devices needed to travel back to when Garland is sent to

> Warriors of Light defeat Garland before gaining his power as Chaos along with the fiends

> With no fiends or Chaos, the world and Garland cannot be tainted

> Warriors of Light return to world where Garland doesn't go crazy with only a lute and the acknowledgment of the sages.

User Info: Magnasword02

7 years ago#10
Too...Much...plot ARRGHHHHHHHH
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