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User Info: MeepleLardicle

10 years ago#1
First off, I will state this: I'm not going back tomorrow. This has nothing to do with the Con itself so much as apparently my parents may need me home to do stuff, so yeah, not a good idea to drive into New York.

With that out of the way...

You're all wondering what was at the Square Enix Panel. Well, honestly, I didn't expect DDFF to have any character reveals, but there was that off chance, right? I mean, maybe they'll surprise us!

This is after MvC3 gave us 4 Character reveals, and NO ONE predicted these characters would be revealed (well, some predicted Magneto but that was just a lucky guess.) Furthermore, this morning, the Marvel Video Game Panel surprised EVERYONE finally revealing their little "Secret Project" (that being X-men the Arcade Game FINALLY being released for Consoles, which is one of the most bad ass things ever), and had some cool footage of their other games.

But anyway, I'll just start off by saying no, there was no DDFF at the Panel. In fact, the entire Con, the only Dissidia related stuff I saw was:
A. The Extended Trailer with Subtitles on their looping videos at the Booth (I covered this in my other topic)
B. Show casing the 2nd set of Figures we'll be getting (The 4 that will be localized anyway. It was Terra, Sephiroth, Cecil and Firion, I believe) in their merchandise area.

Now, you may be asking "oh, so you got cool info about all their other games, right?"

NOPE! It wasn't even that. You'd think there'd be stuff on their upcoming games, maybe info on FF14, etc. But nope, none of that!

What it actually was?

Dungeon Siege 3 Panel. Yes, that's right; the entire panel was nothing but Dungeon Siege 3. Oh, yes, I went to the right Panel, make no mistake; everyone sat on Line for over an hour just to get in (I went there early cause I wasn't doing anything, had my PSP on me, might as well insure a spot.) nNd yes, I stayed to the end (Well, left 5 minutes early or so during the Q&A), but the entire thing was Dungeon Siege 3.
Worst yet? It had no real right to be called "Square Enix." Yes, they're working on DS3, but in collaboration with Obsidian. The problem? Only people from the Obsidian side were there. It was pretty much just nothing but the 3 Artists talking about the visuals in the game, going into detail about design decisions, etc. I'm sure if you're a designer or an artist yourself, or maybe really interested in the game, this stuff is fascinating, but for me, it was so boring, I actually took out my PSP and started playing in the middle of it. It wasn't until they showed the Demo of the game that something remotely interesting happened.

So yeah, talk about one of the biggest let downs of all time. It's practically false advertisement; oh sure, I didn't pay anything for the Panel, but I lost over 2 hours of Con Time due to it; what with the Line I sat on and the Panel itself.

ON THE UPSIDE...for Heartlesshero at least anyway...

I was wrong; there was Deus Ex stuff at the Booth! Not only did they have a trailer being shown, it was actually the 3rd game being show cased every hour and a half (FF14 and Dungeon Siege 3 were the other two...yes, they gave a whole panel to a game they were show casing semi-regularly throughout the con; this made it ESPECIALLY insulting, especially since the game is nowhere near done.) Because of my misinformation before, I felt obligated to actually watch the Show case and well, for someone who never really played the first and doesn't have much interest....I must say, the game LOOKS cool. Some pretty bad ass stuff you can do! I can't really go into details cause...well...I suck at that kind of stuff, but at least that was SOMETHING good out of Square-enix.

So in the end...nothing about DDFF...or anyhting tangentially related to DDFF...and we still have to wait for more info.
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User Info: _BlackStar__

10 years ago#2
Okay. But was there anything about Legend of Korra.
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User Info: RoflSyrup

10 years ago#3
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User Info: CielTynave

10 years ago#4
Did you see the girl from CNN running around dressed as the ? Block from Mario?

User Info: Darksun45230

10 years ago#5
CNN... What is that? Some kind of food?
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User Info: __Skye__

10 years ago#6
CNN is the name of the kid who wanted to grow up to be a Blitzball.
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User Info: Kumori_no_Yoru

10 years ago#7

Just to contribute to the sad face. ): Talk about disappointment.
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User Info: NegiBozu203

10 years ago#8
Wait, so then when is there a new opportunity for news? This was the only big event between now and spring 2011, and its a pain waiting for magazine scans to appear. Does anyone know anything?
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User Info: AlmasNo1Fan

10 years ago#9
i am a rollback user on avatar wikia, and i been covering korra. if you want to discuss korra, visit me on the wikia. im prince azula. i run a blogspot through wikia thats actually pretty fun. :)


and for the record, ... nvm. i won't say it.

i still think you should go to club bed meeple. you're of age.
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User Info: chaosflame108

10 years ago#10
V_V >_< v_v -_-
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