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User Info: ColtCababa

6 years ago#191
MetaDeDeDe posted...
I am back!!!

Welcome back!
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User Info: -Chespear-

5 years ago#192
Yay! TC is free from purgatory! :)
I'm Fernox213 from the first few pages BTW.
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User Info: Nintendoboy77

5 years ago#193
Whoa! Haven't been on in a while. This topic is still going. Awesome.

User Info: MetaDeDeDe

5 years ago#194
(Sirch Calls Iris and is despressed)

Sirch: Iris

Iris: Yes Sirch.

Sirch: I need help for i just can stop my self from regressing. Ever since i had horrid thought about Ruach Hakodesh, I started to regress.

Iris: if only this weren't but sadliy it is. Sirch, this is very importand. It is not by your will that you falling but it is by Lucifur's spirit of regression that you are falling. You were once a man but Lucifur will have turn you into a child in an adults body once he is finish with you. It's even worse that you are very antisocial. I am telling this because i love you. Rebuke the spirit of regression and allow yourself to grow for you have help the regression start. It will take a very long time but I know you can do it. You must humble yourself and get at least three friend in collage. It has to be in person and in your world meaning that it can't be me despite me helping you and it can't be from facebook. It has to be someone for the collage you are going in. You must be brave and break your silence by making friend with someone. Saying hi is not enough. You must have a conversion topic with you at all time. Try reading the new and remembering as much of it as possible for you are a wonderful man who believe that women like me are equal and that is a good sign of humility. I want to see you grow not water down to a child. When you mother comes remind her to get the walmart debit card so you can have some spending money of your own but but a budget to limit yourself to For instance you can only spend $10 on food for you need to save some for other thing etc. Sirch, i know you can do this but you must make an effort on your part as well.

(Sirch is no longer depressed.)

Sirch: thank you.

Iris: You're welcome.

Sirch: So have your heard about Mega Garchomp.

Iris: Yes I did.

Sirch: It was a good thing as Chomp doesn't have the strength to deal as much damage as Salamence and Sand Force will help it a lot. If it get boosted Attack, Cynthia will have a field day with Chomp.

Iris: i know, if only Haxorus get a mega form for 97 is way too slow. if Zard wasn't slow enough, Haxorus is even Slower. Sylveon will kill it. It need to get a boost in Attack and Speed. If it is just attack, well at least it has the manpower to tear down walls.

Sirch: That will be very good in fact all it need to at least get an attack in is boosted Speed along with boosted Attack like you said and it will be a threat once again. So I was nice talking to you. Good Bye.

Iris: Bye.

(The phone call ends.)
What do you guys think about the fairy type?
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