So what needs to be done to make the next Resident Evil great?

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User Info: shadow_kan0

5 years ago#31


It's possible for Rebecca to die in one of the games, meaning we'll unlikely see her again besides in Mercs.
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User Info: Infectedglore2

5 years ago#32
RE2LeonS posted...

Way to butcher my user name. I think we found your 'learning disabilities' person, SolidStryder. When exactly did I ever say the previous Resident Evil's had a better story? Your logic and stupidity at attempting to create an argument with me are severely flawed. Try thinking next time, thanks.

lmao why would I care about writing your stupid online persona's name correctly?

I've seen this clown around. Nobody should ever create an argument with this guy, he literally has extreme autism, extreme to the extreme. He can't ever post anything positive. He has no friends online or offline. Just search his username on google.

User Info: roitact

5 years ago#33
"So what needs to be done to make the next Resident Evil great?"

depends... when you say great do you mean improve upon 6 as an action game, build on 6 and have more of a 1-3 feel or go back to the style of 1-3

if they build upon 6 they have to reduce charactor/campaign numbers, and go to the absolute extreme make it a full 3rd person action game, they've moved on from 'zombies' and more into intelligent 'armed terrorist mutant' enemies, theyd have to remove 'zombies' completely and bring in more grossly mutated enemies to replace them.

if they were keeping as is or making it more like the games of old, if they kept the over the shoulder perspective one thing theyd have to do is remove a few of the features implemented in 6, quickshot, sprint, slide, crawl, cover, etc, being able to do more gives you more options while in 6 this is good ,if they bought back the more traditional enemies these new actions would make a lot of encounters far far too easy like it is for the early parts of lens campaign, limit the possible actions and you'll increase player tension move back towards 4 and 5s more limited controls, theyd have to change the environments, 4 still maintained some of the horror aspects because it still had features of 'tank' controls from the old games (apart from being over the shoulder and being able to aim up and down more precisely they're a lot closer than some realise or care to admit) limit the players choices and bring back more darker more clostrophobic areas and you'll bring back a lot of the tension and more of the horror aspect with it,

use 5s in game menu, select a possible 9 items to take with you be it weapons, ammo, herbs or possible armour, 4s was good in making you manage what you could carry with an attache styles space limiter, but 5s limited item count as well as being a real time change as opposed to 1-4s pause menu selection would keep a sense of panic, changing equipment while being attacked makes you rush, makes you panic, being able to pause and take a minute or 2 to select and use what you want takes away from this, especially when you need to use a healing item.

if they gave 1-3 a graphics overhaul and added some extra content a lot of the ''this aint no res evil game'' people something to be happy about, if they went back to this more traditional style all they'd really need to do is graphics update and environment reskins, maybe add a strafe feature. the problem with doing this would be people compaining about it crude, not thought out, and downright aged and obsolete.

they've been moving away form survival horror for a while now, they either need to remove the horror aspect completely and make it a pure action game or bring it back almost entirely

the biggest issue has been the evolution of the story, the way the story has played out game by game has meant that the controls they have now are the only way they could go, the story of the game defines environment and the enemies, the enemies define the combat, the combat defines the controls, the controls define the action,

the only way they can go to bring back the feel of the old games is to make a game set in a pre 4 era, where the enemies are more like the traditional zombie, meaning they can slow down the games pace, slow down the player, limit the available actions, and set it in closed off environments instead of the 'real world' open towns/cities filled with running jumping rpg firings mutants, which forces the player and the game itself to speed up.
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