So is the Ustanak the new Nemesis?

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User Info: zadoku

5 years ago#21
desi_shinobi posted...
zadoku posted...
Malzel posted...
zadoku posted...
desi_shinobi posted...
Sheva and Christ sent two rockets to the face to end it.

Actually if you pay more attention to this very moment you can see clearly that Wesker actually dodges the rockets by quickly hiding his head.

So we dont now whether hes dead or alive.

Actually, when played frame-by-frame, the rockets clip through his face and his head magically disappears.

I already did this and instead of "clip trough his face" or "magically disappears" you can see Wesker head not disappearing but instead going down like the ninja turtles could do.

It was actually due to censorship that the scene turned out that way. Wesker is dead.

Hmm i never saw any footage of this or news telling the game ending was censored.

If its not too much to ask, can you feel me in on this matter or the place where you obtained this information?
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User Info: aDomination

5 years ago#22
Lisa Trevor>Everyone else ...she was Invincible after all.
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User Info: YawnTheSnake

5 years ago#23
Clearly people that say Ustanak is the new nemesis or better then Nemesis have not played RE3 I am sure of this.

Also someone mentioned Ustanak went through lava , we all know the majority of that come into contact with lava only get stronger... the same would be said for nemesis... however you did not mention nemesis had tons of acid spilled all over him then got drowned in an acid bath specifically designed to destroy/ kill b.o.w.s and survived.

Nemesis also go Koed in fire and lived.

Nemsis is Hands down better in all aspects to ustanak , He is FAR more terrifying then him he would follow you through doors he would wait outside the save room for you like an Ass and scare the S*** out of you. You had options to fight him or evade him , whereas re6 you have to do what the game tells you.

All of the fights with Nemesis were damaged based therefore actual boss battles.
The HIGH majority of encounters with Ustanak were not damage based , more like survive a certain amount of time , complete certain tasks etc.

Nemesis wins by a mile in the better boss and more memorable department , he is truly terrifying and an actual BOSS.

Its an insult to even consider Ustanak on the same Level as Nemesis. (Not saying I don't like him , he is one of the better aspects of RE6 but he is definitely not on par with nemesis)

User Info: TheRequiemWolf

5 years ago#24
^ I'm glad someone else remembered that Nemesis took an bath in Anti-BOW sauce.

Besides that he was the main antagonist of the game and the US even put his name in the title.

The rail gun shot was the winner, he takes three shots on higher difficulties.

Nemesis is the most requested Resident Evil character for any RE related creation. I'm amazed they didn't put him on the collector's edition for Raccoon City, he'd have looked much better on it than Mr X.
Never forget that Bioware/EA screwed up the ending of the Mass Effect Trilogy and couldn't admit it to themselves or anyone.

User Info: desi_shinobi

5 years ago#25
The fact that Nemesis appeared in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Says it all..
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User Info: Terry-bogard

5 years ago#26
Nemesis mutates after each defeat only to come out stronger.
Ustanak only accumulates wounds and get weaker.

Nemesis = doomsday.
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