A bullet-point list of why people hate this installment of Resident Evil

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User Info: Master of Hate

Master of Hate
5 years ago#11
DarkD3stiny posted...
HolyZombieJebus posted...
Nice list. Think you hit it on the head, as a resident evil game it's hard to recommend to fans but take that name away and you can have some flawed yet fun...fun. Thumbs up to you TC

So you cant have fun with this game because its called resident evil 6? do you know how silly that sounds.

I think he's saying that he can't recommend it as a Resident Evil game, but that it's still a fun game.

In other words, it's a Resident Evil only in title, but not in gameplay, so if someone was to say "Is the new RE great?" you might respond with "It's a good game, but it's not RE", if that makes sense.
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User Info: jcrickett

5 years ago#12
Hear, hear!

User Info: AdvancedGamer31

5 years ago#13
Shadowlinkex posted...
^ So we can't have our own opinions on what he says? What are you, in 3rd grade?

Tag for later; I have a few things to say about your points, TC. Though, I agree on some stuff. (Like the QTE abundance; they got too overconfident with it in re5 and decided every 4 secs there should be one in re6)

I'm assuming that was aimed at me. I never said that, I said no one would take his opinion into consideration, they would just find some way to insult him and force their own opinion.
You're allowed to have your own opinion, i'm just surprised you didn't come here to insult his opinion. But "I have a few things to say about your points" makes me think it's coming soon. but if your things to say about his points are just your opinion, and not you trying to force him it, then by all means, go for it.
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User Info: Snizzle41

5 years ago#14
I posted this in another thread, but I'll stick it here too.

The thing that strikes me most about what's missing from this game as compared to say RE1 Remake/RE2 is the fact that in those early games you were alone most of the time.

You didn't have a partner (and you ran into other characters infrequently) who picked you up if you fell down. If you fell down you were dead, and that was it. No 2nd chances.

I don't fear death in the new titles as it simply loads me into a checkpoint. I was terrified of dying in the older games. It feels like death has no real consequences in the new games because like I said it just loads you right back where you last had a checkpoint.

You had a very limited inventory. Every time you came across something you had to decide if you could really afford to carry it, or if you should just leave it alone, and come back for it later.

You had a veeeery limited amount of ammunition. I think, and I could be wrong here, but at least in RE 1 there was not enough ammo to kill every zombie in the game(at least on your 1st play through without the cheats/extras), and later on there wasn't enough gas to burn all of the corpses either. You had to conserve what you had, and it forced you to think critically about what you were going to do every time you encountered an enemy. Do I need to come back here? Can I afford to leave this possible Crimson Head zombie here.

You also only got so many weapons. You didn't have 3 types of grenades, dual pistols, and all that jazz. You had a pistol, the amazing shotgun when you found it, the fantastic magnum, and a staple for the final battle the rocket launcher.....there was also the knife, but nobody liked it except the Japanese.

The characters were a little more likable back then as well. Or they weren't as annoying to me with the stupid things they keep forgetting.

In the 1st game they're not quite sure what the zombies are, and in fact they just call them monsters. It was new to them, and so they had to learn how to adapt to the situation. Same for Leon/Claire in Re2.

In Re6 Leon sees people fall over dead after they were coughing up blood, and having hacking fits, and even after years of fighting umbrella creations he doesn't bother to put a bullet in the soon to be zombies head, but instead turns away, and waits on it to reanimate, and attack him. Is it amateur day Leon? Is this the quality of SS agents in your universe?

Don't get me wrong STARS members weren't the pinnacle of amazing professionalism either(I'M LOOKING AT YOU FOREST), but at least they had the excuse of not knowing what they were dealing with. And Wesker was killing them off as well.

The camera, and controls. Yes they were clunky, and yes the camera angles were sometimes made so you'd walk into enemies, but it added to the intense atmosphere you found yourself in. The feeling of helplessness was only exacerbated by sluggish controls.

I'm not saying the new games are bad as that would be an opinion, and I'm not saying that they can't take the series this way, and make changes, but it's not really survival horror. It's an action game that's occupying the same universe, but it lacks the heart of resident evil.

I also hate quick time events. I really, really do.

That's just me though. I had more, but I rambled enough for now.

User Info: OldSnakeReborn

5 years ago#15
I blame the fact that RE4 and 5 had mercenary mode and since that received so much positive response from the community, I suppose the developers aimed at making the entire game drawn around it.

Personally I missed the days of survival horrors. The top down puzzle hunting was fun and the idea that you're limited by the supply and weapons you find. However, most of it didn't make sense. If I went into a mansion, my first thought would not be running around figuring out the mansion's complex door system.
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User Info: DarkD3stiny

5 years ago#16
Thanks for explanation master of hate :)

User Info: Master of Hate

Master of Hate
5 years ago#17
DarkD3stiny posted...
Thanks for explanation master of hate :)

Np np :D

Also, Snizzle, that's pretty much the way a lot of people feel about this game, in my opinion. I made the list because I noticed a lot of people on the board seem incapable to understand WHY people who dislike this game actually do dislike it.

I think if you combine our two posts, it gives a lot of insight into the minds of the critics/dissenters/haters/whatever you want to call them.
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User Info: Veliconis

5 years ago#18
Trains and ambulances...OH MY GOD.

BOTH of those parts pissed me off the first few times. -.- It wasn't the first train where you've got plenty of time to avoid it with X+A, but it's the part where the bastard comes behind you and Helena yells out "TRAIN!" and you're like, "...well, which GOD DAMN SIDE IS IT COMING FROM?!"

Then the part at the gas station with the ambulance. The camera just decides to derp out and focus on it which causes your controls to go all ass backwards. >:/

The QTEs are really bad. It's like Asura's Wrath all over again. :|

I also agree with melee attacks being too strong. Hey, look here, I can kick a guy three times and on the third hit, most of the time their head explodes! Yet, if I shoot the damn thing in the head 4-5 times, it still doesn't pop. :|

Then there's the feeling of never really having control of your character. Cutscene > QTE > walk 10 steps > cutscene > QTE > shoot a few enemies > QTE > cutscene ad infinitum.

Also, fighting the same boss 4-5 times got kinda old.

I just don't know. I do and don't enjoy the game all at the same time.
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User Info: joncoallstar

5 years ago#19
I think that about covers it TC, good job.

Of course prepare for the river of tears of the desperate fanboys defending their precious franchise to the death.

User Info: DarkD3stiny

5 years ago#20
Theres nothing wrong with disliking or hating this game or even saying so on these boards then moving on. Its the people who hang around this board repeating how much they hate this game over and over that are the problem especially if they are insulting people who are trying to enjoy this game. TC was very respectful and did a good post on why he dislikes re6 and I respect him for that. Thing is I dont like COD games so I dont visit COD forums, I mean why would I? it dosent make any sense to. Anyone remember the re5 boards? where people just stayed there for years hating on re5.
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