Some questions about order and characters [Spoilers]

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User Info: MikeSSJ_part_3

8 months ago#1

I'm currently planning a Let's Play of this game, coming right off RE5. Now I've beaten the game before, and have therefore access to every chapter.
My plan is to actually go ahead and play chronologically, switching between the characters and cutting parts that are double. With this I mean that I'm going to be playing Chris for example, up to the point where he and Jake interact. Then, I'll do the same for Jake. And the "co-op" scene will only be played once, either as Chris or as Jake, skipping it for the other character.
I want to make this as cohesive as possible. Since I'm recording it all first, and cutting, pasting and rendering later, I can jump between chapters without any problems, making this a bit easier. I'd also like to eventually use every character during this.

Now I have a pretty good idea about the correct order, but any tips would still be appreciated. My main question is:
Which parts should I play as which character?
The final fight with Ustanak, for example, should definitely be played as Jake, not as Sherry. The battle against Helena's sister I'll probably do with Helena. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

And yes, I know: "That's not how the developers intended the game to be played!"
But it's how I've decided to do this Let's Play, and I'd really love some input by you.

Thanks in advance.

User Info: Eiyu

8 months ago#2
Play Piers for the whole Chris campaign. If you can, play Agent on Ada.
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User Info: cyan1001

8 months ago#3
play it how ever you want to
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  3. Some questions about order and characters [Spoilers]

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