Should I buy RE6 for PS3?

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User Info: NoOne8

9 months ago#1
I've completed RE1-5, RE0, REmake, Code Veronica, both Outbreaks, Survivor, Dead Aim, both Revelations and both Chronicles. I still don't have RE6 and 7. Should I? It doesn't fair to skip RE6, even if it doesn't seem to be as good as the previous ones.
PS: is there a good quantity of PS3 users who still play this game online?

User Info: Shadow Reaver

Shadow Reaver
9 months ago#2
while i am not sure about the user base on PS3. I tried the game when it came out and thought it was terrible. But i tried it again after the PS4 release but i tried looking at it like just an Action game but NOT a resident evil and it is not a bad game, not great but not bad.
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User Info: Eiyu

9 months ago#3
RE6 is a good online, action game. It's bad as a survival horror game. The most active content are campaign, agent hunt, and mercenaries, and those are all in the game already. Dlc isn't as active. But if you wanna play dlc, I can play if you really want to.
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User Info: Goldsickle

9 months ago#4
You can still find people playing the game online, even on Agent Hunt.

If you want to differentiate between newbies and vets, simply toggle between allowing or not allowing Infinite Ammo when creating a game session.
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User Info: Zeratultheking

9 months ago#5
I had no issues connecting to people playing agent hunt or finding people to play with earlier this year.

That said overall it isn't that good of a game. The skill system is lacking coming from the upgrade system of RE4/5. The bullets never seem to have enough bite to them even after having lvl 3 shooting + lvl 3 <insert enemy type>, to get 100% damage increase.

That said, the game is clearly geared towards melee oriented gameplay and can easily take out most enemies in 1-3 melee hits. It is manageable and playable, but parts of the game are definitely poor game design. For example most hits will knock off 1-2 bars before you can even escape or counter. But they give a fairly regular amount of health items to compensate as it was definitely paced as an action game.

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User Info: HopesPeak

8 months ago#6
No. You should get it for PS4. It's in glorious 60 fps and it does make a yuge difference due to this game's action focus. My timing was off because I was so used to the 360 & PS3 port. I primarily play Mercs No Mercy though. The campaign is honestly as bad as you've heard. It's like some weird Uncharted, Black Ops hybrid with Mikami Vanquish influenced gunplay.

User Info: HopesPeak

8 months ago#7
BTW RE7 is the only RE that actually does play like Call of Duty. It has the slow unskippable walking and talking cutscenes and the endgame is filled with generic FPS combat where the enemies don't react when you shoot them. They're literal bullet sponges. Pretty funny how RE7 gets a free pass for doing things that RE4-RE6 gets accused of mainly because RE fans don't know what they're talking about.

RE6 does have a terrible campaign, because it's similar to an Uncharted style setpiece after setpiece always running nonsense but I just don't really understand where the COD comparisons came from. The vehicle sections remind me of Black ops but that's about it. The combat is pure Mikami inspired goodness. It's as if RE fans don't even remember that Mikami made RE4 which is why the gunplay is similar to Mikami games.

User Info: TerraSeeker

8 months ago#8
I liked it, but you may not if you don't like action games or easily have problems with games. The comments comparing it to Uncharted are pretty spot on. I recently got Uncharted 3 and found the way they had developed the melee system and the gunplay made it the closest game to RE6. I don't think that's a bad thing as it's called game of the year.

In the game the game you're a lot more capable. You can move faster and run. Aiming is more effective than the laser sight. Most if not all melee attacks can be countered. It requires precise knowledge of when press r1 and practice. There's also a technique where you attack the close enemy using up some stamina called quickshot. This helps make melee weapons useful as now your knife actually has reach. You can also setup various powerful melee attacks. The mercenaries is the best in series and forces you to learn how to play well. There's also no hope if you find the game too easy.

There's still an active player base for the campaign, mercenaries, and survivors. At this point you could easily get the ultimate edition for as much as the regular one. I saw both versions on sale on psn and the ultimate was less for the duration of the sale.

User Info: jojopellegrino

8 months ago#9
@NoOne8 Buy it for PS4. Its easily under $15 now
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