Resident Evil 5 or Resident Evil 6?

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User Info: Albert-Wesker

1 year ago#1
RE5 vs. RE6 - Results (72 votes)
Resident Evil 5
50% (36 votes)
Resident Evil 6
50% (36 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Since there is a topic of RE4 vs. RE6, there should be one for RE5/RE6.

Which game do you like more and why?

User Info: este914

1 year ago#2
RE5GE is my most played game from last gen and has fun co op if you have a good friend to play with so that
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User Info: Eiyu

1 year ago#3
I like the controls better for RE6 since you can do more. Plus the glorious trolling of Agent Hunt is very healing to the heart for some reason, heh.
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User Info: coolsurfer800

1 year ago#4
Resident Evil 5 by a mile. Even though Resident Evil 6 has slightly better controls everything else about it is worse. It felt like a chore to play and I have no intention of replaying it again. I've replayed RE5 tons of times and the co-op is super fun.
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User Info: joossa

1 year ago#5
I'm liking 6 more. 5 for the unintended comedy, though.

User Info: ResidentSnake

1 year ago#6
RE6, RE6 and RE6 once more. Because of better gameplay and (much) better single player.

RE5 has a better co-op system, but this is only if you play it with another person. The AI partner is horrendous, and the harder the difficulty, the more it shows. This is why RE6 is better by a mile. Not only are RE6's controls much smoother, but it is playable even in single player. RE6 definitely has its flaws as well, but it's designed far better than 5. When you play it alone you don't have to worry about your AI partner dying constantly, they're actually pretty invisible. You also have very limited inventory space in 6, in 5 there is a storage where you can stock ammunition and healing items pretty much infinitely and every time you die or reach a checkpoint, you can go and take whatever you need from there. There is absolutely no point in using your ammo or healing items wisely because you can just farm stuff into your storage and stock up between checkpoints. It's an awful design choice. You can farm stuff in RE6 too, but it's a lot slower process and as said, you have much less inventory space, making it much less exploitable than in 5.

The best thing about RE6 is the hardest difficulty, No Hope. The challenge of it is in conserving your ammo, playing it smart and mastering the controls, just like it should be in a Resident Evil game. You don't have access to any skills and that means no access to infinite ammo either, which is good. It's not an unfair difficulty, it's tough but not unfair and it's an enjoyable challenge in both single player and co-op.

However... RE5 on Professional is so unfair that it still pisses me off when I think about it. One hit from basically anything puts you in Dying state and you have 3 seconds to be healed. This of course, applies to the dumbass AI partner as well. RE5 on Professional was one of the worst, most unfair and most annoying gaming experiences I've ever had. The only way it's doable is with infinite ammo. To be honest it's like you're meant to complete it with infinite ammo. I absolute hate it and the way it's designed.

RE5 can be a good game, as long as you play it on max. Veteran difficulty and with a friend. The single player of RE5 is the worst SP experience of any Resident Evil game. It's a shame too, because RE5 is one of the most memorable games in the series due to it bringing an end to the long rivalry between Chris and Wesker.
In fact I played it a lot back in the day and it does have many good things about it, but unfortunately it also has some really awful design choices. The biggest problems I had with 5 were fixed in 6, and that's why there's no question about which one I prefer.

User Info: Tevinter_Slave

1 year ago#7
I enjoyed six much MUCH more than five.

User Info: Eiyu

1 year ago#8
If compared as a whole, It'd be RE5 Gold Edition vs. RE6 Ultimate Edition. RE5 has a better story and co-op. But RE6 has way more features. Agent Hunt is just one of the best things in RE6. Killing an agent as an enemy is so beautiful. The content for RE5 is good, but I think with RE6's content, it doesn't compare.
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User Info: Archiantagonist

1 year ago#9
In my book virtually anything is better than RE5, even RE6...
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