Top 5 scariest enemies from any RE game.

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User Info: IlDanko

3 years ago#21
ManuMIAS posted...

I didn't liked the one in RE5 he wasn't scary (honestly he sucked)

I liked his laugh xD.

and Executioner, we need him back, he was a threat in Versus Mode I missed something like him in Revelations, ORC and RE6.

Here we had the whoopers... F******* Burger King addicted zombies.
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User Info: Dark__Throne

3 years ago#22
I'm arachnophobic do the f***ing tarantulas in the classics are terrifying for me. Especially in Umbrella/Darkside Chronicles.
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User Info: EQOAnostalgia

3 years ago#23
Lisa Trevor hands down! The chainsaw sisters from 4 (forgot thier name) they scared the crap out of me!

User Info: GiftedACIII

3 years ago#24
ReceiverxWisdom posted...
I wonder has anyone here had legit arachnophobia and played REmake start to finish?

Man, that must've been some tough s*** to get through with the way the web spinners and black tiger were modeled O_O

I am but I didn't find them too bad. Just blasted them with my strongest weapons if I couldn't burn them. The Chronicle series though... they jump at the camera and shoot their offspring at you leaving several crawling around on your screen

On topic- #1 is Rachael, legitimately one of the only scenes in RE that ever scared me due to the circumstances. Eerie giggling female mumblings always gets me .
#2 Regenerador mainly because of the music. The insane smile is bad too.
#3 Lickers
#4 Jack that eye...
#5 Reapers Gigantic cockroaches that make you high when you go near them and instakill you?

Runner ups go to that first majini with that bleeding eyes and mouth and the ohko no stun crocodiles.
A lot of the animal based BOWs don't do it for me. Stuff like Hunters are just mutated frogs ignoring the actual frog based hunters.
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User Info: norights

3 years ago#25
1. Spiders I hate them
2. Reaper from RE5 Insta kill
3. Belle Sisters everytime I managed to kill one of them the another one was always behind me and boom died
4. Iron Maiden creepy sounds and keep on coming for a embrace no hugs
5. Snake from RE4 not scary but did make me jump
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User Info: BlueSalvation

3 years ago#26
1. Regenerator. The noise they make and just their faces. Enough to make my skin crawl.
2. Zombies. The way they always went for the neck made my neck feel sensitive.
3. Lickers. Exposed brain. The weird noise they made. Hearing them walk/sprint towards you.
4. Reapers. You knew it was an instant kill as they get closer and closer. That disorienting cloud they produce is also panic inducing up close.
5. Garrador. Making a sound near him causes him to react in a panic inducing way. When he actually hits you with the running claw it's an immediate death. Making him even scarier.
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User Info: Moeman_

3 years ago#27
1. Crimson Heads in RE1 Remake.
2. Regeneradores in RE4.
3. Lickers in RE2.
4. Nemesis in RE3. He's not so scary once you play RE3 for a while though.
5. Lepotisa in RE6, mostly because of all the survivors it could zombify.

Leech Monsters in RE0 are also contenders for the fifth spot, but mostly because of the music.
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User Info: KINGR1P

3 years ago#28
In no particular order:

Lisa Trevor
Mr X

I don't have a fifth one off top.
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User Info: neetking0021

3 years ago#29
1. Alexia from Resident Evil Code Veronica
2. Nemesis
3. Lisa Trevor
4. Carla Radamas Ada Wong's Clone
5. Excella Gionne
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