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User Info: dkconklin

7 years ago#11
Speaking of lost planet did you know there was a pc game back in the day caled lust planet? You played as captain Brad Stallion (best name ever!) and you piloted the big thruster.

Just thought i would share that. Knowledge is power!!!

User Info: gregamasta

7 years ago#12
dctcool posted...

Capcom if you're going to try and please 2 different crowds you're better off making 2 different game series.

Here's capcom's official response to this statement:

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User Info: Billysan

7 years ago#13
Top 10 reasons this topic sucks........Read the first two post.
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User Info: GOLD_sonic

7 years ago#14
dctcool posted...

3. Stick wriggling QTE's

Hey Capcom do you remember what the first Mario Party game on N64 was imfamous for? No? well there was a little thing in which constantly rotating the analog stick at a fast pace not only ruined the controller but also caused hand based injuries, but clearly this hasn't stopped you from bringing such a dangerous practice into 2012 with including it in the form of QTE's

Stick wiggling isn't an issue on the PS3 or 360 controllers. It *might* mess up your thumbstick if you twirl it WAY faster than you'd ever need to and put all of your hands' weight on it but it sure as hell won't under normal gameplay.

Also, you can't get blisters with the way thumbsticks are made now. The reason it happened to all of us in Mario Party 1 was because the analog stick was a hard plastic and had a rough pattern on top that you grinded your hand on.

The rest of your topic isn't worth commenting on. Most of it I've heard a million times before (some of it I agree with, but I disagree with most of your points and think this is a decent game in general.) I just wanted to comment on that statement you made since it's false as ****.
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User Info: TheWayOfTheGun

7 years ago#15
I have several complaints too but only two of them match yours, the inventory system and lack of weapon upgrades.

The others are stupid splitscreen aspect ratio, lack of available mercs levels, the inability to filter games that are in the main lobby so you can get full credit for beating it while easily joining a co-op game, and the lack of overall exploration.

That's about it. Action horror is just as fun as survival horror to me. I just think that Leon's campaign had the perfect level of action and just needed some more exploration parts.

User Info: lebronwadebosh

7 years ago#16
this post 0/10
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User Info: xXxAgentAdaxXx

7 years ago#17
Lolwtf? I don't care if you hate Helena. But you count her as a reason why this game "sucks?"
You basically want all your characters to be perfect, all about savng the world and ****. Can you get any more boring?

The RE4 management system was good. But you expect we should pause and play Tetris every time we get something during ONLNE?

Most of your complaints are flat-out stupid. RE6 is not a flawless game. It has it's faults, but some you mentioned are just there for the sake of hating.
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User Info: TheGaijin

7 years ago#18
I agree to some, especially the inventory, saves and Helena

The inventory sure is terrible, most of the time you end up throwing stuff just to get that herb that once mix will free the space again but too late, you have already thrown your stuff

Helena, pretty much everybody in the first chapter die because of her... and for what for her zombie sister...

Save, sure annoying when you are stuck in a game, want to quit but will need to start again the same thing because you could not save... in the end of PS3 era this is a real shame...

for the rest I still love this game, shame they did not finetune it. For Helena it is a big mistake to me. I like all the other characters
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User Info: Rickimaru91

7 years ago#19
Yeah how dare Helena try to save her sister, she's so damn selfish. Of course she wanted to save her sister, and she didn't know Simmons was going to infect the whole town, she only knew he wanted access to the president. Plus she didn't know Leon, so it makes sense that she didn't think he'd believe her about what was in the cathedral.

Also about the save system, I can't believe you're complaining that you can't save it anywhere when the previous games were the same, in 1-4 & CV you had to find a typewriter to save (plus 4 saved in between chapters) and in 1-3 & CV you had to use ink ribbons of which there was only a finite amount available, plus you had to find them first. I really don't think every game should have a 'save anywhere' system, it just doesn't suit every game.

User Info: higherflyerJ

7 years ago#20
dctcool posted...

1. It's not a "Resident Evil" game
Sacrificing its survival horror roots for a hardcore action game is one of the best ways to alienate your fans, the folks who made the 2007 Shadowrun remake know this all to well trying to turn a classic RPG into a multiplayer FPS, and as a result 4 months later the studio closed down and the servers shut down after being online for only 11 months.

Ummm, Shadowrun's servers have never been shut down. I just played it not even 2 weeks ago. Although it is nothing like it's predecessor, it's still an awesome, underappreciated game.
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