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User Info: dctcool

6 years ago#1
10. The Tutorial stage
Right off the bat Capcom hit a massive misstep with the tutorial stage, flooding about 70% of the stage with QTE's when we really need to be learning about the controls of the game, Hey Capcom WE KNOW HOW TO PRESS BUTTONS, Why no tutorial stage for Jake's H2H combat which is actually something that happens IN THE MIDDLE of his campaign?

9. The Inventory system
This seems like a really bizarre decision with the inventory and one of the key signs of the number 1 reason, In Resident Evil 4 the attache case was intuitive in which each item took up as much space as it would take in real life where a merchant would let you store the items your not using and upgrade your weapons, RE5 took a step backwards with 9 slots for all weapons and ammo and you could only move items in and out of your inventory and into storage in between chapters as well as upgrade your weapons, RE Revelations took another step forward in which ammo and up to 5 healing herbs are storred automatically and you can only carry up to 3 guns at a time and use the item box to storage for other weapons and upgrades,

RE6 again has taken a step backwards this time taking up a single row for all your ammo, grenades and healing items, with weapons getting their own section without limit, Let me put it this way? you want that herb you need to revive health? sorry you're holding too many items but you still have plenty of space for that shiny grenade launcher. Worse of all: there's no item storage, something that's been with Resident Evil since RE1, meaning any items you have to get rid of are gone forever. This also leads us into the number 8 reason which is

8. No individual weapon upgrades
Something that started as far back as RE2 and later 3 in the form of weapon parts, to RE4 & 5 with an RPG like upgrade system, to RE: Rev which used weapon perks to store and attach, all of that had been traded in instead for a skill points system, but points are so hard to get you'll be lucky to get 4 or 5 purchases, one being all you need for all weapons in the form of the firepower skill, but even worse still you can only equip up 3 skills at once and more so you can even get through the game without ever using them.

7. Hopeless Helena
In terms of storyline Resident Evil has always had a B grade charm to it, however Helena might just be the most hopeless and worst character in the whole of Resident Evil, sure Quint and Keith were pretty annoying but at least they were useful Helena on the other hand was such a selfish character that her actions got other people killed, in the first 2 chapters of Leons campaign revolves around getting to a Cathedral because there's something important there, but the annoying part is that she doesn't actually tell Leon whats in there because "He wouldn't understand" ... riigghhhttt the guy who's survived a zombie outbreak, a plaga outbreak in a Spanish village, a civil war with B.O.W's and not to mention finding 4 secret laboratories wouldn't understand that the cathedral leads to a secret laboratory, urrrhhh

And what useful information do we find in the lab? Absolutely Nothing, the only reason for going to the lab was so that Helena could try and get to her sister whom by the time they'd got there had already been injected with the virus, meaning that all that traveling time which cost the lives of a handful of survivors in the gunshop and the church was all for nothing. If I were a judge I'd have jailed her for negligence resulting in death.

6. Climbing QTE's
These don't make an appearance till the final stages of Leon and Jakes Campaign in which you have to Alternate between the 2 shoulder buttons to slowly climb up a rope or up a fast moving car, which are possibly the most boring moments of the campaign, what makes it reach such a high spot is that this is the final level for Jake's campaign, where its all just climbing QTE's for what is supposed to be the climax of his story is ruined by a boring moment

User Info: dctcool

6 years ago#2
5. The Save System
one of 2 spots that cause frustration, the Save system used in RE6 is perhaps the worst implementation of saving in the series to date, whats annoying is that there a to different points in the game, Checkpoints and Save Points, Checkpoints are points where if you die you'll go back to the last point, which occur every 5 minutes where as Save points are the only points that actually save your game and they appear within chapters usually within 20 minutes to an hour of each other, but sometimes especially when playing Co-op the mid chapter saves don't register properly meaning if you play through an hour long chapter only to have to switch off at around 50 minutes you'll have to start again.

But probably the worst part about this feature is that there's no manual save option, meaning if you have to stop playing for some real life situation you're outta luck. either keep playing till the end of the chapter, or lose all your time on that chapter

4. Chris and Jake's campaign
2 of the 3 campaigns that are available on startup are a grind to get through, Chris's campaign is almost a replica of a Socom or Gears of War style game, where as Jake's campaign is part of this and Leon's horror like campaign with more QTE's than anywhere else in the game, both suffer from the problem of a clunky cover system when compared to either of those 2 games or Mass Effect, they also both suffer from rather terribly implemented vehicle segments too, Chris's campaign at times feels like a grind with so much reliance on said clunky system, it also has the most frustrating running moments in which the camera takes on a life of its own and constantly hinders the player, Where as Jake's does feel slightly similar to Chris's but with more fetch quest style missions, which is not implemented well

3. Stick wriggling QTE's

Hey Capcom do you remember what the first Mario Party game on N64 was imfamous for? No? well there was a little thing in which constantly rotating the analog stick at a fast pace not only ruined the controller but also caused hand based injuries, but clearly this hasn't stopped you from bringing such a dangerous practice into 2012 with including it in the form of QTE's

2. Silly moments

Oh boy where do I begin? Lets see: A Tank driving through an expensive Chinese Mansion, a cheap death event with a meat grinder, A motorcycle chase sequence with conveniently placed ramps, same said sequence where you jump over a helicopter because ... It looks "Action-y", Flying a fighter jet to take on an aircraft carrier, Riding snowmobiles through a crust shifting earthquake in the mountains, surviving an airplane crash and riding on the roof of a train throwing physics out the window, still it doesn't top punching a boulder in an active volcano crater,

1. It's not a "Resident Evil" game
Sacrificing its survival horror roots for a hardcore action game is one of the best ways to alienate your fans, the folks who made the 2007 Shadowrun remake know this all to well trying to turn a classic RPG into a multiplayer FPS, and as a result 4 months later the studio closed down and the servers shut down after being online for only 11 months.

In March 2012 Capcom stated that the market was too small for horror games, (Dead Space, Amnesia and Slender say otherwise) and compared the sales figures to Call of Duty, an extremely flawed argument seeing as both games are different genre's thus have different groups of fans, plus when someone things "Resident Evil" the would tend to think "Scary horror game" not "hardcore action shooter". Capcom stated they were trying to please everyone with the inclusion of 4 campaigns, but the horror side got the short end of the stick with one campaign being locked until the other 3 were done, and the games engine meant sacrifices had to have been made.

Capcom if you're going to try and please 2 different crowds you're better off making 2 different game series.

User Info: warrenmats

6 years ago#3

User Info: dkconklin

6 years ago#4

User Info: Megiddo_Flare

6 years ago#5

*Proceeds to run out of topic and slide into an ammo crate*

User Info: RE2LeonS

6 years ago#6
*begins slow clap*
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User Info: DocDelicious

6 years ago#7
Thank you for voicing your opinions.
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User Info: OhYouCoward

6 years ago#8
Agreed with all the complaints, but I wouldn't say it sucks.

User Info: SiLVeR_420

6 years ago#9
I guess that's why Dead Space 3 turned into an action game that looks like Lost Planet.

Edit: Also Slender is not scary. That games sound tells you when he's near so you're expecting him to show up.

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User Info: CrimzonHead

6 years ago#10
*Top 10 Reasons why I Think Resident Evil 6 sucks
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