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User Info: tehhead

7 years ago#1
post controls / mechanic that you found out how it work

-hold X then slightly point where you want to, then press L1, you will instantly slide without truly running
-L1 slide can be used to hit enemy, they also can easily be followed up by another melee, very abusable on strelats (lizard) to stop them from running, since a slide is enough to stun them to setup melee combo
-use quick shot to stun, then follow with a headshot, this will guarantee more powerful & unstopable melee attack, not working on mutated javo's, so use it while enemy is still normal
-the higher damage you deal, the higher the chance to deal critical damage, adding javo/zombie killer & fire arms & critical chance lv3 make handguns feel like shooting a rifle if its a headshot

chris's knife
-chris knife change dodge animation, if you push backward & press X, chris will pullback while slashing his knife twice, might work on something, knife can't seem to setup melee in this game, since you can't pull back slowly, unlike in previous game
if you think you can jump back with knife equipped, you can't

helena's hydra
hydra quick shot gives you invulnerability window when you are in the air, can be used up to three time

leon's wing shooter
how do you use quick shoot 3 time in a row btw? just press L1 & R1 3 time in a row? i tried but it doesn't work on most weapon

post anything that you might think helpful tips

User Info: RaidenDirty

7 years ago#2
I've been playing a lot as Sherry with her Stun Rod.

Sherry's L1+R1 with the Stun Rod covers a bit of distance and sets up for a melee combo.
Also, her Stun Rod is the far superior enemy-on-the-ground finisher.
Don't bother using the stun rod on the ground, though. She doesn't cover enough distance at all, unless I'm missing something.
Charging up her stun rod is not useful at all. Oftentimes, when you're that close to the enemy, you best be swinging it nonstop. Charging takes too long and will usually be interrupted.
Dodging while equipped with the rod is highly superior to the normal way. Hold L1 and then dodge with X+direction and she will quickly step a few steps and duck a little. With control, you can sidestep an enemy and keep them in your sight for a perfect attack.
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User Info: tehhead

7 years ago#3

rock steady make your next shoot LESS distracting, it decrease your laser dot movement after shooting, you can null recoil by going back to stand by instead of keeping the laser still

lock on reduce dot sight movement, but it only works on the 1st shot & need time before next shoot become less shaky

you can keep 12 healing tablet at max before you can't add anymore, try fill it up to 11 then use a 3 or 6 herb combination, to max the output to 14-17 instead of 12

User Info: tehhead

7 years ago#4

User Info: KrazytigerEX

7 years ago#5
r2 + Square = Make best combination of herbs in your inventory.

User Info: nocute_nickname

7 years ago#6
I don't know if this been posted already... pretty helpful.

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