My two cents on an old topic(RE movies)

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User Info: GourryGabriev25

5 years ago#1
Ok granted is has been talked about to death since the fits movie and well after some recent discussion with a few friends about movies based on games. i have to just add my 2 cents on this matter.

Whether you like or hate the RE movies, one thing must be made clear about them. there is no way a movie or movie series in this case could have been made off the games themselves. there is not enough game content to game dialogue for a movie. I mean if they did one they would have needed to somehow make the "Mansion Incident" or each part longer and well that is hard to do when game times are an average of 4 hours play time if you played what i will can decent session where your saving, and not trying to get any special unlocks.

So a new story with a main character such as Alice and bring in well known characters in smaller parts is a better idea. granted would have been nice if they played a larger role and were more accurate to the personalities in the game but all things considered could be worse. Though would have been nice if they did tell us what happened to Carlos, Jill, JT, and that kid in the time span of RE movie 2 to Re movie 3.

Now here is a question i wanted to ask. typically some movies can be made into good games. If they made a game where you played as Alice maybe not following the movies but between movies or a side story, would you get it?

User Info: Yami_light_

5 years ago#2
everyone knows your point TC, if you make it too close to the games, is predictable, if you go too far from the source material, is bad.

I like if the movies just take the universe and do some story with it, different from the game sure. But not far fetched.

The bad thing about the movies is the story, there are so many plotholes an unnecesary characters, plus is not clear if its made for fans or newcomers.
They have been recently adding stuff from the games for the sake of fan service, but to newcomers, they don't explain who these people are or anything.

The story is a mess, and the movies are hilariously bad, that's the only reason one would watch them.
Capcom and EA in a nutshell. PSN:Light_Yami
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  3. My two cents on an old topic(RE movies)

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