New graphics are worse than RE5 graphics

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  3. New graphics are worse than RE5 graphics

User Info: devastatorX2

5 years ago#1
Areas are too dark with bad lighting. Character models are less detailed. Textures are worse.
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User Info: Lewisrich

5 years ago#2
They still look pretty damn good and with the amount of content in the game, I'm not to bothered if the graphics arn't as good.
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User Info: MyMentorSnake

5 years ago#4
Well this game was developed in a 3 year period. I wouldn't say worse but more of the same. No big improvement. Either way, im still liking what i see.
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User Info: slapper1

5 years ago#5
RE 5 was one of the most beautiful looking games ever made thanks to the attention to lightning, textures and brilliant graphics. RE 6 may not be quite up to par in comparison, but it's pretty dame close, plus this games offers over 3 times more content then RE 5 so the slight difference in graphics between the two games is almost expected due to the short 3 years it was in development.
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User Info: pidge27

5 years ago#6
i still say graphics are not everything

User Info: pure mind games

pure mind games
5 years ago#7
From: devastatorX2 | #001
Areas are too dark with bad lighting.

Brightness Setting says hi.

User Info: lightstamp

5 years ago#8
Main reason why I'm not impressed. But gameplay might be better so still day 1 purchase for me.

User Info: PrinceOfFallout

5 years ago#9
they look the same to me
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User Info: Ryan-06

5 years ago#10
RE5 had very bright, contrasted environments. Who knows, the full game may have other varieties in location later on.

If you check Wiki, RE5 used an older version of MT engine, 1.4. while Lost Planet 2 used version 2.0, which delivered even better graphics.

So wouldn't RE6 use an even better version since its coming after both of those games?
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  3. New graphics are worse than RE5 graphics

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