Who else canceled their preorder after playing the demo?

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  3. Who else canceled their preorder after playing the demo?

User Info: MyMentorSnake

5 years ago#21
Animesetsuna posted...
So TC canceled his preorder? Okay then. I believe we won't see TC again in this board.

Bet we will......
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User Info: Vide0GameCzar

5 years ago#22
The gameplay is so poor in the demo, But I'm still buying the game day one. Have it paid in full.
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User Info: nimatoda666

5 years ago#23
TROLLLLLLL... In the dungeon, just thought I would let you know

User Info: knive87

5 years ago#24
Yamaguxhi posted...
Hey I liked dragons dogma!

zomg! me too!.. playdate. :D
PSN: knive87
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User Info: sadiq2010

5 years ago#25
nobody cancelled their pre-order, only you and why because you are TROLLING.

so go and play call of duty black ops 2 that very boring and disapointing game.

User Info: suzukimatsui

5 years ago#26
Lol basing your decision on an early demo that mostly everyone knew had a few issues. Also that these issues have been pretty much addressed in the final game.

User Info: SSJ2_Wookie

5 years ago#27
Nope, will be at midnight release right after work
PSN: XtremeDreamer11

User Info: dragondance

5 years ago#28
Despite everything that has happened, I'm willing to have faith in Capcom for RE6.

There just isnt much to turn to anymore. Blizzvision and EA are both more greedy and care even less than Capcom about the gamers.
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User Info: antking61

5 years ago#29
I paid off my pre-order weeks ago. This demo has not shaken my faith in the finished product. I'm having fun with it.
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User Info: Brunks

5 years ago#30
Im keeping my preorder despite the fact that the Chris level left a bad taste in my mouth. Hopefully it'll be more than just running and gunning with his campaign. I did like the Leon/Helena and Wesker's son/Sherry levels and left me wanting more. So in a way the good outweighs the bad in my case.
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  3. Who else canceled their preorder after playing the demo?

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