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  3. Who else canceled their preorder after playing the demo?

User Info: ElusionM_08

6 years ago#11
He cancelled a preorder because of a badly presented demo?? Lol, watch him replace the preorder after the public CC demo.

And of course he'll buy the game anyways, even if both demos disappoint him.
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User Info: AstroZombie16

6 years ago#12
EtherealBurst posted...
I'm so glad I was able to play a demo cuz I'd be furious if I had spent $60 on this.

Unfortunetly, no TC, I did not cancel my preorder, in fact I preordered them and told the front desk i'll be first on line and i'm passionate about seeing RE6 crush RE1 and RE5, but I shouldn't have to worry about that, since RE6 already scored higher than both of them. If you don't like RE6 and canceled it then why did you have to sare that with us? Capcoms still got you on the list anyway and they will have many more preorders so just you alone doesn't make a difference and I love the game so far, actually i'm ganna love it period.

User Info: Lewisrich

6 years ago#13
What was the problem you had with the demo tc? This is a very old demo so perhaps some of the problems your having aren't present in the final build. Also no I didn't cancel my preorder because to me this game looks amazing
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User Info: tuznecote

6 years ago#14
I am looking forward to this 18 sept Demo. Seeing that its a newer build.

I really think this game looks terrible and I am hoping the demo will slap a well timed egg on my face but...

We'll see.

User Info: sion041391

6 years ago#15
He cancelled his pre order over a demo 360 owners got 2 month which was an old e3 old build, which from resent videos shows that they have changed things since e3.

User Info: Ryan-06

6 years ago#16
Nope. mine is still standing at gamestop. If theres a midnight release I'll drive down there myself.
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User Info: KevintheDork

6 years ago#17
I'm sorry that you wasted your time preording this game, my friend.

Well, at least you've gotten lots of support from the board in your decision.
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User Info: largerock

6 years ago#18
My belly button is itchy.
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User Info: so_real

6 years ago#19
Unless you just weren't that excited about the game in the first place or just aren't happy with the direction the game has taken, the E3 demo isn't really a good reason for canceling your preorder. All it serves is to be a preview of what's different from RE5 and to showcase the new characters and gameplay mechanics.

But it's your money so do what you will. I just think you're judging it prematurely due to how outdated and unrepresentative that particular demo is.

User Info: Animesetsuna

6 years ago#20
So TC canceled his preorder? Okay then. I believe we won't see TC again in this board.
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