I can't get excited for this game.

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User Info: Mister_Spyker

5 years ago#1
I'm gonna be honest here, I absolutely loved both RE4 and RE5 both really awesome games, and I loved the classics as well (but that's a bit more obvious : P)

But even if I did thoroughly enjoy RE4 and RE5 the RE games that are the most similar to this one, I just feel like I can't get into this game.

I think it's because of the story, RE5 felt like the end of the series, and 6 just feels like an overkill to me...

But I actually have no idea what the story for this game is, it just feels like senseless Resident Evil action, I have no idea what's going on anymore.

Can someone explain?
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User Info: Snoopydance

5 years ago#2
How did RE5 feel like the end of the series? I mean, a certain major character did die, but he hadn't been the antagonist for such a long time that I don't see how that would make it feel like the last one.

It sounds like you don't actually know much about the game and you're just taking your own assumptions about it at face value. It's no wonder if you assume that something is "just action" and don't investigate further that you're not going to be interested in it.

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  3. I can't get excited for this game.

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