This game any good?

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User Info: DuuuDe14

3 years ago#31
Everyone add Teh_DuuuDe.
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User Info: ufara

3 years ago#32
Shame I don't have UMvC3.

But I'll add you anyways because you are pretty chill.
I'm going to pick up LPing soon. All constructive criticism is appreciated. Stuff to come soon

User Info: ZeroX07

3 years ago#33
Get it Ufara! Get Marvel...i wanna ravish u in a ver non-christian way!

Plus that man is a genius. He explains why DmC is terrible. You can all thank me after...your welcome everyone
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User Info: Rising_shadow

3 years ago#34
Haha, Marvel. That's prolly getting shut down soon enough since Capcom already lost the license. Go play Chrono Phantasma or something.
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  3. This game any good?

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