You know how bad some of the antis are?

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User Info: Thunder097

5 years ago#61
The antis want Capcom to shutdown they threaten Tameem they don't care if the workers have family to feed and take care of just because they couldn't get old Dante back.
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User Info: Strelok

5 years ago#62
Yes, a metal song is so much a death threat...

Again, I got an actual death threat for daring to say I disliked the demo.
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That is not a song my dear.

There is more to us wanting CP to shut down than just Dante, there are many other reasons:
1: They treat their employees worse than EA, like... oh, outright trying to make an unwanted employee commit suicide over firing her
2: The DLC shenanigans
3: The re-release-before-a-year-has-past shenanigans
4: The countless "reboots" that never sell well and end up bombing because the players don't want it (DMC isn't the first)

Need me to continue?
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User Info: Pesmerga255

5 years ago#63
Why the hell is this topic still here?

User Info: NeoTStyle

5 years ago#64
From: m100t1s | #001
They're bad to the point they wish for Capcom to get bankrupted, And wish the same for Ninja Theory and Tameem.
Why? Just because of a video game, Seriously? You guys do realize that these guys who work at Capcom have families to feed? Ever thought after P* gets DMC rights and Capcom get bankrupted, Did you think about the people who will lose their jobs?

Maybe they should stop acting like utter retards when it comes to their business/development practices and PR, then this wouldn't be a problem.
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  3. You know how bad some of the antis are?

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