DmC is repugnant, misogynistic: Feminist Frequency

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User Info: zfair89

5 years ago#1

"It's frustrating that game reviewers will often trash games for minor gameplay issues but let blatant misogyny pass without comment."

"Playing games like DmC is the worst part of my job. Remarkable @NinjaTheory managed to cram so many repugnantly sexist tropes into one game."

Still waiting on that video
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User Info: Detha

5 years ago#3
feminists . . .

I want to respect them, but many times I read or hear a feminist argument, it seems a bit too extrapolated.

It probably has to do with Lilith and Kat's vague past (could be taken as rape).
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User Info: Rising_shadow

5 years ago#4
Well, the game does have a lack of any strong female characters and the ones that do exist are mostly defined by their relationship to male characters so I can kinda understand the criticism. It's not really misogyny at all since two of the three female characters are pretty important and only hated by demons anyway. The other, well, Lilith is a terrible character.
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User Info: syctheweilder

5 years ago#5
Most real feminists don't even refer to themselves as such anymore because of goons like this.
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User Info: melainevalent

5 years ago#7
Please do not generalize feminists based on this video or what you see on the internet.

I'm a feminist, have been for all my nineteen years really, and I still enjoy and play violent games, movies and all that. This woman, while she makes true and good points, is not able to separate reality from fiction.

It is a sad truth women do seem to get abused in fiction as much as they are in real life, but if we all stopped playing these games or watching these movies, then we wouldn't be making a statement, we would be quitting doing somethin that we consider fun.

The important thing here is to be aware.

Are you aware that some aspects of a certain game, book or movie are sexist? Are you aware that objectifying women is wrong? Are you aware that a women is free to dress as she pleases wihout having to hear she's this or that? Are you aware that women don't own you anything, that she's not living, dressing or taking care of herself for boys?

And most of all, are you aware that women do not hate other women like it's portrayed on tv?

If you are, then good. No need to be radical.

I play these games because I love it, and personally, DmC did not offend me one bit. They talk about the abortion thing but the thing is: Mundus and Vergil were supposed to treat people, girls especially, like crap. Mundus don't care about anyone, Vergil think humans (let alon e a girl) are inferior.

The abortion wasn't really an abortion given that Lilith was not a good person, was a demon and was carrying the heir of the god of the demons. It had to be destroyed.

In this day and age, everything is over the top. Just be aware, and be rational. That woman is a radical feminist who has basically stopped living and enjoying things because she sees wrong in EVERYTHING. That is not what feminism is and that is not what all feminists are like.

User Info: bearded_moose

5 years ago#8
you are not a feminist. if you were, your post would have been 3x as long.
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User Info: Detha

5 years ago#9
I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the post.
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User Info: DevilTears604

5 years ago#10
How about people just enjoy what they enjoy and if you don't enjoy it, walk away and leave it alone.
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