Let's be honest here, did you REALLY enjoy DMC4 that much?

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  3. Let's be honest here, did you REALLY enjoy DMC4 that much?

User Info: devak108

5 years ago#61
Hell yes. I loved 4, it was a great game. The excessive backtracking was my only grievance. I liked Nero a lot and Uncle Dante is my mang.

Not on the level of 3 of course, but a damn good game imo.

User Info: Hitmanzombie

5 years ago#62
Not as much as I enjoyed DMC3, but it was the first DMC on current gen. Everything is on par with DMC standards. Story very emotional. Still remember the part where Nero devil triggered and blew those knights away trying to save Kyrie. And also the cry of rage after he failed.

User Info: The_LoGoS

5 years ago#63
DMC was a great game. The only thing it lacked was DLC type additions: costumes, characters (vergil), weapons, etc....
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User Info: Pesmerga255

5 years ago#64
The_LoGoS posted...
DMC was a great game. The only thing it lacked was DLC type additions: costumes, characters (vergil), weapons, etc....

Stuff like that shouldn't be DLC, it should be in the game to begin with.

User Info: DuckKiller84

5 years ago#65
Yeah, 4 is pretty damned good, although 3 is still my favorite. I'd argue that most people who don't like 4 likely never learned how to fully take advantage of Dante's OTF style switching because it really did add a lot more depth to the combat than DMC3 had.

I know that they wanted to add the Devil Bringer mechanic and OTF style switching to DMC3 (a gimped DB mechanic was put into 3: Kalina Ann's grapple w/ Gunslinger), but were ultimately held back by the PS2's hardware.

Although, I still don't like the story or music in 4. Also, the missions themselves seem to lack something... I can't put my finger on what though. The gameplay itself bumps it up to being equal w/ DMC1 (there are many things that 1 did better, but you have to give the combat to DMC4).

So - while I think DMC3 is the best game overall - I can see where people are coming from who argue for 1 or 4 being the best.

User Info: DuuuDe14

5 years ago#66
Put 200 hours into so yeah.
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User Info: SandOnMyBoot

5 years ago#67
I liked DMC4 third best. The on-the-fly style switching was soooo good. If that was in DMC3, then that's the perfect game there. I do wish the game was all about Dante though.

It's a good thing Capcom actually listened to fan feedback during development, otherwise we probably would've only got to play as Nero. Capcom said that if Dante was given the demon arm, he wouldn't feel or play like Dante anymore. Oh man, the irony is staggering.

User Info: Aiddon

5 years ago#68
I have over 90 hours clocked on it, so yeah, I REALLY liked it

User Info: PirateSwordsman

5 years ago#69
It wasn't as huge a misstep than DMC2 was (though from what I often hear, DMC2 was a dolled-up installment anyway), but it did take some wrong steps. The plot didn't explain enough of itself, especially (or perhaps solely, IIRC) in regards to its protagonist. It brought Trish back for no purpose (she does nothing but questionable and stupid things, also to show her bigger breasts) as well as Lady (to show her bigger breasts). I also found DMC4 Dante amusing, but otherwise contradictory to his DMC1 personality. The game was also kind of melodramatic, lampshaded and mocked by Dante. And yeah, there was Dante's Journey of Backtracking.

But I still had enough fun with it. It wasn't bad enough that I'd be convinced Capcom couldn't screw up a fifth one. But now, I do wonder, if they'd make a DMC5 instead of a DmC2... would it be good? Or absolutely disappointing?
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User Info: ReceiverxWisdom

5 years ago#70
Where DMC4 shined is the gameplay. IT was magnificent, a few things actually got nerfed but the depth of the combat carried over from DMC3 was a great addition with the new styles on the fly and the devil bringer system.

The people who whine about DMC4 are the ones who b**** about the flaws behind it (the backtracking, Nero, The story).

I personally never claimed the game to be the best DMC in the series but I liked it for what it was, more than I can say about my DmC impressions which is behind 4 every step of the way in the combat / first introductory boss fight department.

Plus Dante was actually amusing in DMC4 whereas raging fanboys call 3 and 4 his worse iteration. At least he had charm.
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  3. Let's be honest here, did you REALLY enjoy DMC4 that much?

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