Legitimate complaints about this game?

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  3. Legitimate complaints about this game?

User Info: FuocoNero

5 years ago#1
Why all the hate?
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User Info: caffiend7

5 years ago#2
I'd give you a huge list of reasons, but I'm too busy eating this strawberry sundae.
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User Info: Zetta-Honey-Boy

5 years ago#3
completely ignoring the fact that this is supposed to be a devil may cry game, this fails on many levels as just a competent action game.

pulling off the stinger attack is very un-intuitive. i didnt even know the attack was in the game until i browsed the forums here and i was suprised by how you pull ot off.

foward foward with analogue stick then attack...

this makes the move very unreliable to execute.

ofcourse this is compounded by the lack of an lock on targetng system...


and why on earth are there TWO dodge buttons when they both do the exact same thing?

you know, one of them COULD have been a lock on targeting button.

also, it really bugs me that i cant perma toggle the alternate weapons like the scythe and axe.

so many bad design decisions went into making this game, its really the mark of an amateur designer.


the designers said they didnt see a way to have it fit in this game... im calling BS on that.
this charcater swears, insults and disrespects every opponent he meets in cutscenes... and you say you couldnt implement a dedicated taunt button?
i smell massive BS and lies.
it couldve worked into the combos and or raised enemy aggro.

jumping is a tad floaty and dosent match the speed of the character's movements.

also, the guns lack any punch whatsoever. the feedback is weak and they lack any bite.

and the whole pulling and grabbing functions from the 2 differentshoulder buttons are also unintuitive, did it really need two?

devil may cry 4 had it just fine with a single button.

so many bad game design choices here...
really, its shameful and someone should be fired for letting this be the final product.
still, i have decided to buy the game and see for myself the full extent that this offers.

my curiosity has compelled me just to see how much they have butchered an action game.

like going to identify a dead body... i know its gona suck, but i must find out what killed it... or who killed it...
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User Info: FuocoNero

5 years ago#4
Quote:I'd give you a huge list of reasons, but I'm too busy eating this strawberry sundae.

So in other words, you brought absolutely nothing to this topic.
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User Info: pyro_bunta

5 years ago#5
Eh, we're too tired to repost everything. Just scour the topics around here for a while and you should understand the complaints.
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User Info: Zetta-Honey-Boy

5 years ago#6
should be noted that i copy pasted my reasons from a thread i created days ago.
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User Info: Hiryuu_Tsurugi

5 years ago#7
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User Info: Orange00

5 years ago#8
i'd say FPS complaints are valid. But for some reason i feel like lower FPS is more evident in cutscenes?

also "this is not DMC" is also legitimate even if it's a pretty broad issue. Gameplay feels like how skyrim feels next to morrowind, while talking about depth, skyrim is round around the edges and more streamlined. Dunno which one has more depth really but morrowind feels more hc without a doubt. (in case you couldn't tell morrowind=DMC and skyrim=DmC in this example)
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User Info: Goldsickle

5 years ago#9
Air Hike in DMC3 & DMC4 felt like a second jump being done in the air.

The Double Jump in DmC felt more like a 'boost' to keep you afloat.
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User Info: stevenbob

5 years ago#10
I do not play hack n slashes that can not even keep 30 fps
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