The intro is all illuminati

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  3. The intro is all illuminati

User Info: VoicelessAmber

5 years ago#11
Now I feel like watching those YouTube videos that show all the video games that talk about the illuminati, show the "All-Seeing Eye" and other things.
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User Info: Strelok

5 years ago#12
Play Deus Ex instead.
Much better..

"Jay Sea Dentah, in da fresh!"
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User Info: antking61

5 years ago#13
Malus_X6 posted...
Ghostbusters. The Brits had a huge hand in that game and it was awesome.

I didn't like it.
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User Info: pigboy

5 years ago#14
HomieKnockout posted...
What is this game trying to tell us?

"Because Dino is the douchebag that the world deserves, but not the one it needs right now... that's why he keep saying "F-U"...because he is too immature to take it... this is because he is a douchebag with a big mouth, and an angry bid who enjoy steps on the weaker...the F-U the Franchise Killer".

User Info: Nofumasa

5 years ago#15
KeJo6 posted...
It's telling us to fight the power...

...fight the powers that be.

Man, where's Chuck D when you need him?

I am Nofumasa Baba.
Brother of Nobufasa Baba.
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  3. The intro is all illuminati

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