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User Info: SAGE_HAN

5 years ago#11


User Info: SirenaLoreley

5 years ago#12
I'm not gonna lie, at first I was enraged because I thought Nero would be the only principal character, so to speak. I thought Dante was out of the count. But then, when they said Dante will have a somewhat major role in the game, I waited for the first trailers and gameplay (still wary). Then, just with the two first missions, I realized it wasn't as bad as I was fearing; then I played it and I loved it.
Because Nero was just a kid and Dante kicked his ass...! Nero never took Dante's place in the game after all. Nero was a nice interesting character (and it is a shame that they didn't progress with his story), quite headstrong and clumsy, cocky and brash, with a golden heart... his gameplay was fast, and only with two weapons and his arm had an inmense array of techniques, it was fun to play as him.
DMC4 respected the DMC atmosphere after all... it wasn't brilliant but it was fun and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
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