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User Info: Java378

9 years ago#1
Do we have Infrastructure multiplayer?

Is it good?

Custom characters? Or skill allocation?

Can I find gameplay videos on youtube?

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User Info: cowmaster2k3

9 years ago#2


- Yes, better than the 360 and PS3 versions

-You can customize your costumes with different patterns, helmets, colors. Same goes for the Tanks and Lightcycles. Tanks and Lightcycles can be upgraded.

-Yea there are a couple of low resolution videos of people recording off the screen. But they don't do the visuals justice. They are very crisp in the real game, especially for a PSP.

User Info: Captain_Japan

9 years ago#3
I don't have the game yet(I will in two days)but I know it does NOT have infrastructure. It's just 4-player ad-hoc multiplayer.

Good to know about the skins though.

User Info: suzakucloud789

9 years ago#4
how much mb it will cost to download tron evolution in psp
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