Undying Rod

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User Info: AngrySkyGod

5 years ago#1
Anyone willing to give me an undying rod that has a decent amount of upgrades?

User Info: GHslaughter

5 years ago#2
It's a reward for beating a level on hard... get your own <_<

User Info: AngrySkyGod

5 years ago#3
well, I can't beat it on hard

User Info: Arigato21

5 years ago#4
Which level if anyone remembers?
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User Info: GHslaughter

5 years ago#5
Morago desert town, hard.

User Info: carlzeiss23

5 years ago#6
should i finish all campaign on hard or can i just jump into the last boss & finish it on hard?
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User Info: NairbMalk

5 years ago#7
i too need this rod (maybe 2 of them) for my tower app. Ill be in game for most of the day and maybe the night just hit me up and ill help (i main a 76 hero huntress)

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