Need help leveling GH Insane

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User Info: Richard53184

5 years ago#1
I Have a 70 Huntress, apprentice, and tower squire. Need help on GH insane im trying to level my monk and need someone who knows what they are doing. Most of the people that join games im in completely ignore the ogres when they spawn and they rape my towers or they never repair my towers or upgrade them and crystal gets destroyed. If you know what you are doing and want to run it a few times to get millions of exp message me. PSN ID is Zalamarr
SSBB (Nickname- RICKY) FC 1676-3357-6384
Castlevania PoR FC 4295 8307 1020

User Info: GHslaughter

5 years ago#2
Buy mistymire dlc.

User Info: BanthaFodder

5 years ago#3
Just do it on hard solo and switch to monk before each wave. It only takes a few runs to go from 0-70.
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