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User Info: Gash_922

9 years ago#1
The game BGM is good but having to listen to the original songs are way better and pumps you up in battle.

These are the songs I used:

Climax Time Kuuga: Rising your Power to Gold
Climax Time Agito: Deep Breath
Climax Time Ryuki: Hatenaki Inochi
Climax Time Faiz: Justi Faiz
Climax Time Blade: Elements
Climax Time Hibiki: Flashback -Rider Chips Version-
Climax Time Kabuto: Lord of the Speed
Climax Time Den-O: Climax Jump Final
Climax Time Kiva: Super Nova
Climax Time Decade: Kamen Ride -Power Guitar Edit-
Climax Time W: Cyclone Effect
Climax Time OOO: Anything Goes

With the stages, I just placed songs from various Heisei Rider shows. The songs are:

Treasure Sniper (from Decade)
Believe Yourself (from Agito)
Round Zero -Blade Brave- (from Blade)
Full Force (from Kabuto)
Real Action (from Den-O)
Break the Chain (from Kiva)
Alive A Life (from Ryuki)
W-B-X W Boiled Extreme (from W)

I want to know what you guys used since I think you have better music than the ones I have.

User Info: Tekkaman_Gamma

9 years ago#2
Playing on an actual UMD.

Climax Time:
Kuuga: Warrior (Edited)
Agito: Believe yourself (Edited)
Ryuki: A Boundless Life (PS1 version)
Faiz: Left as is
Blade: Kakusei (TV version)
Hibiki: Left as is
Kabuto: Full Force (Edited)
Den-o: Real Action (Edited)
Kiva: Left as is
Decade: Treasure Sniper (Edited)
W: Extreme Dream (Edited)
OOO: Regret Nothing (Edited)

1: Revolution
2. The Ultimate Kuuga/Decade fight music from the W/Decade movie
3. Decade Power Guitar
4. Supernova Love Edit
5. Lord of Speed
6. Eyes Glazing Over
7. Deep Breath
8. Cyclone Effect
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User Info: Axel21x

9 years ago#3
All edited:

C01 - Red Desire
C02 - Deep Breath
C03 - Revolution
C04 - Eyes Glazing Over
C05 - Kakusei
C06 - A Blast of Flames
C07 - Lord of the Speed
C08 - Double-Action
C09 - Supernova
C10 - Kamen RIde (Power Guitar Edit)
C11 - Xtreme Dream
C12 - Regret Nothing

R01 - High Speed Battle (W)
R02 - Sentou Taisei (Kabuto)
R03 - Faiz, Hangeki (555)
R04 - W Mecha (W)
R05 - Last Battle (DCD)

S01 - Power Form (DCD)
S02 - Slash (Kabuto)
S03 - Dairansen (W)
S04 - Kanzaki Shirou (Ryuki)
S05 - Battle Royale (DCD)
S06 - Battle Tsukasa (DCD)
S07 - The String Master (Hibiki)
S08 - Aerial Battle (W)
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User Info: Gash_922

9 years ago#4
Wow.. Some of the songs you used truly rocks.. I gotta try them out too.

User Info: draewon

9 years ago#5
for me

-kuuga:kuuga's OP "kamen rider kuuga",shortened
-agito:kamen rider agito,TV edit
-ryuuki:a boundless life,PSX final vent version(the quality is a bit bad,anyone have a better one?)
-faiz:the people with no name(full version,can't find the TV edit or the PS2 finisher version anywhere)
-blade:kakusei,TV version (and sometimes neppu rider when i'm bored)
-hibiki:FLASHBACK ,rider chips version
-kabuto:full force(still can't find the shorter version/TV edit/PS2 rip)
-den O:double action climax form -all imagin voice version-(fits well for super climax's finisher,sounds bad for zeronos though)
-kiva:darkness moon break theme(i love the vocal songs too but kiva's TV BGM is cooler,i wish we can assign a different tune for IXA though)
-decade:"decade" TV version(the default in-game version is lame,and power guitar edit is too lengthy as a finisher theme)
-W:FURIKIRUZE(accel's theme,fits like a glove for the machine gun spike finisher and isnt half bad for W's finishers either)
-OOO:regret nothing,tv edit(don't care much for OOO so far,perhaps i'll give him CHOOO's theme if i managed to get a good rip since kushida is the one singing,which fits OOO better than eiji's songs)

ragnarok(in no particular order)

-extreme dream
-individual system technical guitar fist
-alive a live,advent mix
-kamen ride power guitar edit


stage1:alive a live,full version
stage2:NEXT LEVEL(since the parking lot is kabuto's OP song setting)
stage3:rebirth(garren's theme,for no apparent reason)
stage4:SUPERNOVA love edit(its a church,what else is better than one of kiva's songs?)
stage5:justiphi's(the stage reminds me of the final battle of faiz and the one where decade uses faiz accel the first time)
stage6:treasure sniper(for no apparent reason)
stage7(yakushima island):final attack ride:HIBIKI(to re enact the epic battle in decade)
stage8(fuuto):hard boiled(W's battle theme,ain't nothing is better for fuuto IMO)
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User Info: Joe10lox1

9 years ago#6
Drae you can get the tv edits by going to henshinsoul.fr and their music section has the box sets for some of the series. it's where I found all my tv edit version.
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User Info: draewon

9 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: draewon

9 years ago#8
i see,thanks for the info joe,and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you here>.<
Ryuha! Toho Fuhai wa,ouja no kaze yo!,zenshin!,keiretsu!,tenpakyouran!,mio! toho wa,akaku moeteiru!! ~master asia~

User Info: billy_rabino

9 years ago#9
Edited all the song except for Ragnarok mode first four stage :

Kuuga Climax : Eiyuu (Ultraman Nexus Opening) by DOA
Agito Climax : Kujira by Buzy
Ryuki Climax : JOINT (Shakugan no Shana Opening) by Kawada Mami
Faiz Climax : Shinku (Another Century's Episode 3 Opening) by Shimatani Hitomi
Blade Climax : ReBirth of Dream by JAMProject
Hibiki Climax : Akaku Atsui Kodou (Ultraman Nexus Ending) by Aiuchi Rina
Kabuto Climax : Only My Railgun (To Aru Kagaku Railgun Opening) by fripSide
Den-O Climax : Electric Angel Rock Version by Kasane Teto
Kiva Climax : Wild Fang (RockMan X8 Opening) by Janne Da Arc
Decade Climax : Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi (Gundam 00 Opening) by UVERworld
W Climax : Roshin Yuukai Meltdown Hard-R.K. Mix by Kagamine Rin
OOO Climax : Infinity by Hatsune Miku

Ragnarok 5 : Skull Action (OOO and W feat. Skull OST)

Stadium : Kyuukoku no Memory (W OST)
Parking Lot : Fight Accel (W and OOO feat. Skull OST)
Yakushima : Prism Sword (W OST)
Church : Ransetsu Extreme (W OST)
Water Plant : Power Form (Decade OST)
Under Bridge : Battle Field (Decade OST)
Beach : Kyouteki no Tairitsu (W OST)
Fuuto : Shissou Accel (W OST)
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