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User Info: erhanz

9 years ago#1
Can some rider get their Hissatsu attack?
for example..
Gattack...Garren..Kick & Punch Hopper..
or they don't have any..
that's basicaly cheating...
while other riders can kill with Hissatsu attack in climax time..and they can't..

User Info: Faith_Hikari

9 years ago#2
Those riders you mentioned DO have hissatsu attacks(O button),they only don't have CHO hissatsu(Tri button) like some of the other riders and it sucks.

I mean,would it kill them to at least give Gattack a proper Rider Kick?
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User Info: gorosan

9 years ago#3
well both Gatack and Hoopers do clock up...
they can easly do similar amount of damage as cinematic atack...

User Info: draewon

9 years ago#4
true,and don't forget dark kabuto,even without clock up he can dish some scary damage using just rider cancels

but supers are supers,several characters like fang joker can shave your lifebars really fast with a super BEFORE climax time(which means it cannot be countered/reversed,for FJ's case it cannot be reversed EVER since the enemy is in midair,final reflect only works if you're standing still),plus clock up had been nerfed a litte now since it cancels out if you got hit by a strong attack......

that said,gatack,G3-X and kaixa is quite decent this time on even without supers since they have better specials than before(got nerfed a bit however,like the cerberus gatling losing its followups)
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User Info: Joe10lox1

9 years ago#5
For G3-X His throw is the strongest in the game. And Kaixa's Gold Smash is the strongest jump kick in the game.
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