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User Info: DeviFoxx

7 years ago#1
Guide has been updated and is now 98% complete.

· Chapter 4 Act 1 (Translated)
· Chapter 4 Act 2 (Translated)
· The Bad Ending (Translated)
· Numbered Pages in the Table of Contents.
· Mini-Guide on how to get Curtz & Vasque's Partner Cards.
· More Typos found and Corrected.
· Hyuga Right has now been corrected to Hyuga Ryght (Darn you, Ami...)


The next update will be the FINAL update to this guide and will include:

· Chapter 5 Act 1
· Chapter 5 Act 2
· Chapter 5 Act 3
· Side Story 1
· Side Story 2
· All pages numbered in the Table of Contents.

Until the next update! Enjoy!

The guide is available at:


User Info: Shilandra_XIII

7 years ago#2
Thanks for this awesome work ^_^
(message deleted)

User Info: leprincenoir

7 years ago#4
Thank you Sir, I have just transferred your guide to my Kindle so that I can read it during my journey back to England today. You have done an amazing work, almost 200 pages with screenshots and tables.
How long have you been working on this? Are you Japanese?

User Info: DeviFoxx

7 years ago#5
Thank you, I hope you get good use out of it. Been working on this since around June 15th or so. Juggling this along with my studies at college simultaneously.

No. I'm not Japanese. Just an American that knows how to speak Japanese, that's all.

User Info: Ichipoo

7 years ago#6
Now if only someone could make a patch with this awesome translation. =)
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User Info: HeavensEnd

7 years ago#7
Devi you truly am a genius. downloaded it to my iphone and looks great.

Cheers buddy
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User Info: DeviFoxx

7 years ago#8
Minor update:

Guide is now 98.2% Complete

• All Dialogue leading up to the appearance of the Title Card to the 5th and final chapter has been translated (this includes the cutscene where Gurhal Channel 5 shows up to report).
• Thanks to big help from Aki_Yoruno, a lot of typos and errors in the prologue and chapter 1 were corrected.
• Shadow Blade now has an alternative name of "Kenei" in the Weapon Glossary.

User Info: Kenta_PKMN

7 years ago#9
Hey devifox
Nice job lol , did that eng patch ever come out
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