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From the front page on the Path of Exile Reddit:
"Disney shuts down Marvel Heroes. At the end of the year alot of MH players will come over to PoE"

For all the new players coming from Marvel Heroes, there was an old thread about MH that still applies:
- To summarize, Marvel Heroes is shutting down. Many things were simplified and overall gameplay slowed down. This was done so the game can support consoles though the company has been using other reasons to justify the changes. Is this why Brevik left? The upgrade has even been described as going from D2 to D3 (old MH to new MH).

Those unhappy with the closure will be looking for a fast paced ARPG. They should find themselves happy with Path of Exile but only after they get their character some levels.

So be supportive when possible. If you are a new player:

- Wiki. You will need this, PoE is complicated

- Diablo players guide is pretty good for any new player

- Twitch streamers are generally helpful to viewers asking questions

- in game you can type /help for a list of commands

- you can type /global # to change your global chat channel to another. Global 5055 is the reddit chat channel. Global 820 is used for trading master missions and achievement assistance.

- you can type /trade # to change your global trade channel to another. Put $ as your first character if you want to trade in global. If you are looking to buy or sell something in game, please use trade.

- The best way to trade is by using the web site In order to list your items on you need a premium stash tab that is set to public (right click on tab). Right click on items in public tabs to set prices. If you do not want to pay for a premium tab you can use programs Procurement or Acquisition. They can help you setup a trade thread on the forums which is then fed to
The guide goes over:
1 Beginners Guide to Path of Exile
2 Pay model
3 Skill Gems
4 Classes
5 Passive Skill Tree
6 Resource management
7 Currency Items
8 Attributes and Stats
9 Buffs & Debuffs
9.1 Charges
9.2 Elemental Status Ailments
9.3 Non-elemental debuffs
9.4 Curses
9.5 Stuns
10 Instances
11 Game modes
12 Endgame content
13 Hotkeys and GUI tips
14 See also

EngineeringEternity Path of Exile: Beginners Guide Series on YouTube

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - The Passive Tree

Part 3 - Loot Filters and UI

Part 4 - Currency System

Part 5 - Sockets, Gems and Flasks

Part 6 - Damage Types and Calculations

Part 7 - Gear, Defenses and Offense

Part 8 - Story and Leveling (1/2)

Part 8 - Story and Leveling (2/2)

Part 9 - Trading, Vendor Recipes, Tips and Tricks

- Good timing, as War For The Atlas releases in about 3 weeks, so I wouldn't be surprised if even more people hop over to PoE. Though, every expansion thus far has broken player records, fingers crossed WFTT does the same!

User Info: Ryyaann_Is_Band

1 year ago#2
Thanks for the sticky! Here are more important and useful links:

Path of Exile Reddit

Official PoE Trade Site

Official PoE Wiki

Official PoE Discord Channel

Master Sharing: /global 820
In-Game Chat: /global 5055
Trade Chat: /trade 5055
SSF Chat: /global 773
Spectre Chat: /global 6666

PoE Trade

PoE Trade Macro

PoESkillTree - Offline Planner

Path of Building: Offline Planner

Daily Labyrinth Layouts

Vorici Chromatic Calculator (Economy Overview) Ladder Builds

Neversink's Loot Filter

FilterBlade: Loot Filter Customizer

EngineeringEternity - Path of Exile: Act / Leveling Guides

Act I

Act II


Act IV

Act V

Act VI


User Info: whitelytning

1 year ago#3
Nice. Was thinking a new sticky would be a good idea. Hope it helps any new players.

User Info: Ryyaann_Is_Band

1 year ago#4
PoE Useful Resources Compendium

I posted some useful resources in the forums for various different things. Most of them are not in the "List of Great Game Resources" link on right side of reddit. I think it would be very helpful for a lot of people, doesn't seem like its getting any attention.

Path of Exile can be a difficult game for new players to get into. Even verteran players could be missing out on useful resources that can enrich your gameplay experience and help expand on ones knowledge of the game, its mechanics, and trends in the PoE market. There are many resources out there but here is a list of resources I recommend every PoE player should be using.


In PoE filters are very important if you want to be efficient with your time. You do not want to waste time picking up things that have little value, or things that have potential to be valuable but most of the time are not (rares). Most people tend to use pre made loot filters and while this is great for people who don't want to put in the work to make their own filter, I highly recommend that you make your own. My rule for a loot filter is simple. If an item drops, I will pick it up. Its a really simple rule. As such my loot filter only shows things I will pick up every time I see it. The only difference is uniques, which I will always pick up no matter what, even if most uniques are worthless. As such I highly recommend using Filter Blade to make your own custom lootfilter. It is really easy to do, saves you tons of time by not having to type one up on your own, and you can get a visual representation of what the drops look like as well.

If you want an offline filter editor I recommend Filtration. An excellent program.


Trading can be complicated to get into. According to GGG aparently a large portion of the community does not trade. Since drop rates of everything are set at specific rates with the assumption you will trade, I highly recommend every one does it. You do not need to buy Premium Stash tabs, but these do make trading a lot easier. That being said there is something to consider.

Almost no one will ever try buy an item with an unlisted price. IE making a stash tab filled with items and say posting the items in the forum with a 3rd party program searching for offers on said items. When your items get indexed and listed on 3rd party trade websites or PoEs new official trade website people will almost always set their searches to items with a set buyout price. People do not like haggling, but at the very least putting a set buyout price lets people know what you are asking for, and then they have the option to haggle down the price if they desire, which can sometimes be successful. As such, if you wish to sell an item, always set a price on said item. Below is a list of helpful resources related to trading.

Mercury Trade

This is an amazing overlay program that lays on top of your game window. It has numerous helpful functions such as chat scanner to scane trade chat, or other chats for carry services, and so on. It has overlays for skill durations, cool downs, buffs, flasks (not really needed now) and so on. It gives you notifications when some one messages you for a trade so you don't always have to look at chat, and it can record trades so you can know how much profit you made in trades throughout the day.

User Info: Ryyaann_Is_Band

1 year ago#5
Trading Continued...

PoE Trade

This is the most used resource for trading with other players. Input item names, affixs or suffixes, and so on then do a search to find other players with an item you desire to purchase. You will see listed prices on the bottom left section of an item, with item stats above it. Right next to the price you will see the players name, and a whisper button that you can click to copy a message for the item you want. Go in game and press Ctrl + V while in chat, then press enter to message the person and let them know you want to buy their item. I highly recommend you use an ad blocker if you go to this website. It does have some malicious ads that can be annoying otherwise. Save yourself the hassle. uBlock Origin is a good ad blocker plugin for firefox if you use that browser.

PoE Ninja

This website is similar to the above website. It is mainly used to track what items currently hold a lot of value in your league, or standard if you are playing there. You can find current exchange rates for currency, and you get little graphs that show you the rise and decline in different items values. PoE market veterans can use this info wisely. If there is an item you want you can easily click a button on right side of screen that redirects you to to find available items.

PoE Prices

This is an excellent website for pricing items automatically if there are things you do not know the value of. You can price individual items, individual stash tabs, or all stash tabs, then automatically make a post on the forums with those prices which will get indexed on other websites like Poe.Trade so others can find your items you are selling. I made a quad tab in standard filled with rares and used the recommended prices according to the website. I sold almost every single item within a few days. So the pricing is very accurate and the program used to value your items learns and gets better at pricing items over time. Definitely my go to resource for finding values on rares and jewels. Uniques are really easy to value, just look at PoE Ninja and sort by price to see what uniques are worth more than 1 chaos, the rest i just throw in a tab for 1 alchemy orb each.

These are all my recommended resources for trading. If you want 3rd party programs you can however use some of these below.



Making Builds

Making builds or finding good builds can be difficult. Especially when the forums are litered with builds of a wide variety trying to sell their build ideas to you based on DPS numbers. The resources below will help you find what the top tier builds are that the top players in your league, or standard, are using, and also gives you the resources needed to theory craft your own builds.

PoE Builds

This website tracks the builds people are playing, what the top players are, what gear and gems, and jewels they are using for their build, as well as their total stats gained from the passive tree. They even provide links to player profiles so you can view their passive skill tree. Under statistics you can get an idea of what ascendancies are being played the most right now, which you could use to determine what type of items you want to farm to sell for example. At the very least it gives you an idea of what the current meta is.

User Info: Ryyaann_Is_Band

1 year ago#6
Making Builds Continued...

Path of Building

Path of Building is 2 programs put together to make the perfect program for theory crafters. It gives you an offline skill tree you can use to plan builds ahead of time before you actually make them in game. On top of that you can also import items into the program from your stash and put a rough sketch of a build together to see how effective it will be in terms of survivability and dps and so on. Change things as often as you like and maybe you will come up with a build no one has thought of yet.

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is a great place for players to build entire characters around. Whether you want to farm currency, just be able to get through your lab runs easily, or do carry services for extra profit.

PoE Lab

PoE Lab is a great resource for navigation of the labyrinth that is updated daily when the labyrinth's layout changes. It tells you what is at each path in the labyrinth, where secret areas are, and as such can aid you in doing quick lab runs for currency or during carrying services. I recommend watching the youtube video that will also be in the spoiler below so you know how to read the layouts they give you as it can be difficult to understand what the images they present are trying to tell you.


Ah finally the end game. Mapping is the main activity you will be doing after complecting the 10 acts in Path of Exile. Below is a 3rd party program that tracks the maps you do, and the drops you get. This can be helpful for tracking various things like maps completed per hour, whether or not currency spent to do do those maps is giving returns on investment, or a loss of investment, and so on. This also can tell you how efficient of a mapper you are. If you are one of those players complaining about not being able to get currency, it is because you are an inefficient mapper.

Path of Maps

Map Efficiency Tips

1. Do not sell items, sort stash, list items for trade, ect while mapping. After you complete a map dump all items you obtained in the map into a junk stash tab, and then go do another map.

2. Carry 6 or so maps in your inventory when you decide to start mapping. As soon as you finish a map put a new map in and activate it, then go to your stash and store all the items you got as drops.

3. Do not use alchemy, transmutes, alterations, ect on maps before you go do the maps. Roll all the maps you want to do all at once.

4. Make your loot filter more strict. Realistically while mapping you should only pick up currency, uniques, and divination cards, as well as new league specific items like the abyss jewels in abyss league (I recommend primarily the Murderous Eye Jewels). The less time you spend picking up junk for a few alterations or transmutes, the more maps you will complete, and the more opportunities you have to get more currency drops, uniques, and rare strongboxes like Diviners Strongbox or unique strongboxes.

5. Play a fast build. The faster your build is the better. That means more maps completed in less time, which means more chances for good drops.

User Info: Ryyaann_Is_Band

1 year ago#7
Map Efficiency Tips Continued...

6. When you are mapping, focus entirely on mapping. Do not go AFK, and do not stop mapping to trade someone, unless its a high value trade (I will not stop mapping to trade some one for any item worth 10 chaos or less). My motto is, if im going to stop doing a map to trade some one, the currency I get should be equal to the value of running another of the same map I am doing. So if I spend 24 chaos on sextants for a map, and then buy 3 maps for say 2 chaos each, then I am expecting to make at least 10 chaos per map run. So if I stop trading I want to be stoping to make at least my maps worth of currency. If you map like this you will find you get more maps done and you will see a lot more returns. Turn on Do Not Disturb ( /dnd ) if you have to. If your items for sell are worth something, some one will be there to buy your item later.


Anyways I hope this helps some players out. If you want me to add less important resources like websites for item modifiers and such let me know. If you think theres a resource better than some of the ones I mentioned, also let me know.

User Info: Ryyaann_Is_Band

1 year ago#8

EngineeringEternity - Path of Exile: Act / Leveling Guides


User Info: Ryyaann_Is_Band

1 year ago#9

EngineeringEternity - Path of Exile: Act / Leveling Guides

Act IX

User Info: gwwak

1 year ago#10
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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