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User Info: ZaruenKosai

6 years ago#11
and after reading your last paragraph .. i just realized how much of an idiot you really are so i edited my post and just put this piece of trash here instead...

You're nothing but a troll buddy and i will give you no more respect than i do a troll from now on... so get out of here of prepare to be thrashed.

By the way, the passive skill tree and the equipment link systems. are NOT stolen content... so to tell you whats great about the game without using two of the big features in the game is just asking for people to call you a dumb ass.

Skill Animations.
Enviornmental Graphics.
Longevity (I can play for hours on end)
Feeling of Progression.
Currency system.

just because something is very similar to another , does not make it stolen AT ALL.. learn the definition of big words like steal before using it in a sentence or you may end up looking like a fool.

Passivle Skill Tree Complexity
Active Skill Equipment Link System.

User Info: blacklabelice

6 years ago#12
dude trolling is a word that used to mean something. its thrown around gamefaqs by anybody who cant agree with somebody elses opinion

hate to break it to ya but everybody on gfaq's is a troll by this logic. see something you dont like, even an honest opinion, they are a troll.

3 days is long enough to realise this aint my cup of tea. i want to give it more time but every time i try i cant see the purpose. the last time i tried to play i waited 25 minutes to play and then the server shut down right after. the time before that i get muted for asking two times if anybody wants to make a trade, its not like they had an auction house where i could just look and see. the FFX skill levelling tree is just too big and it just seems unnecessary, confusing, and meaningless as to which way im going to go. all it does is just add to my skills. it doesnt teach me anything.

the shared loot pisses me off too. that kind of stuff is rather ridiculous for todays standards. maybe i should either be forced to play solo, or just run around and let my party do all of the killing, while i just run along and snatch up all the drops. i'm sure id make alot of friends in the community that way, eager to party it up and trade with me.

like really how can i keep going where the longer i play it the more issues i have? i want to give it a chance but its just not drawing on me. If i cant get into something for the first 5 hours, let alone 3 days, its really hard to expect to be able to play it considering the entire game is based off grinding, and if the grinding isnt fun, then whats the point?

i aint trolling. im giving my opinion over, all cost aside, of why i find this game bad. its far from terrible but it needs alot of work if its ever going to win me over. maybe ill check back when the official version drops and see whats changed.

User Info: ZaruenKosai

6 years ago#13
blacklabelice posted...

i seen a whole lot of hype behind this game. OMFGZ its just like D2....blah blah. then i go and try it. Where its not the worst game ive tried, it downright sucks. Let me know when they can get some interesting monsters and maybe some kind of a storyline to with with it that wont put me to sleep. Oh yeah and their servers, yeah that would sure be nice. Embrace the queue!

its better than diablo 2... the monsters are awesome... good story in a loot rpg? Confirmed Troll. oh servers...... its called open beta FFS. they will buy more servers for official launch
THey were expecting no more than 40 - 50k userbase...

Diablo 3 had 100x more players.. but considering how big of a company they are... it makes no sense why they took almost a week to fix their server issues,. and PoE fixes each issue in the SAME day as it comes.

I can respect you not liking the game.. but i dont respect your attitude on a forum dedicated to a game... you are not being respectful and are asking for a beating..

User Info: blacklabelice

6 years ago#14
i dont know why i cant get into it. usually i am drawn to any kind of rpg's. this one just doesnt impress me at all. maybe i havent put enough time into it, but it really doesnt feel like diablo 2 at all. that was the selling point that got me interested in playing it to begin with. i just dont see it. from the moment i picked up the keyboard and mouse on that game i could never put it down. After 3 days on PoE im debating whats keeping me playing.

i dont know. maybe ill give it another try. i want to like this game but i cant. like hate me all ya want but it does feel like a generic knockoff in my eyes. i dont mean to be harsh and all, im more just frustrated over my bad luck with the servers i was on and tooking all day for somebody willing to trade for my cloak of flame and 2 chaos orbs and then getting muted by some idiot mod. at that point the game just pissed me off and i wondered why i bother

sorry for bein such an idiot i guess. this game just got me upset over so many things at once. i need to step away from it, even though i never put that much time into it either. i kind of wanted to.

User Info: KhelThuzad

6 years ago#15
Rofl... I don;t even want to feed this troll. Dude you make absolutely no sense whatsoever.
carriers are synonymous with instantaneous-winination - parrot_of_adun
Doesnt work in inferno, the monsters kill you and farm you for gold instead - havok718

User Info: FrostyZaimok

6 years ago#16
blacklabelice posted...
let me guess, you are one of those hardcore hipsters that make a point of saying i've been playing game x since day 1, just to try to feel all hardcore and feel that your statement holds more weight?

Just a tip, and this is for both sides of the coin. If people think they can shoehorn gamers into a specific group because they like or dislike a game they're complete numpties.

Ask yourself. Do you want to be a numpty?
Lose = Def: To fail to win, to lose a match.
Loose = GameFAQS Def: To fail to win, to lose a match.

User Info: GateCaptain

6 years ago#17
How is this in the top listing when the game isn't out yet?....is it? I keep hearing people talk about beta beta beta, but the info says Q3 for release.

User Info: llaW_Enots

6 years ago#18
KhelThuzad posted...
Rofl... I don;t even want to feed this troll. Dude you make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

just say, "Nuh uh!"

User Info: easymodexz

6 years ago#19
Err, the only thing particularly good about POE is the skill tree.

The rest is pretty average, but well-done enough not to comment about it.

So, fun. But I'm the type of player that has fun with a skill tree like that.

User Info: KarmicDragon1

6 years ago#20
KhelThuzad posted...
blacklabelice posted...
yeah after spending $100 on a beta game in development that just steals everything that was unique in other games, its no surprise why you would try to find anything to justify your purchase. i respect that

why is it so f'ing excellent? im still looking for that, mind you i havent played the hell out of it because after a while i didnt get attached and it just feels stale. right now i find more flaws and nuisances than positives. if i bought this game i would feel disappointed. thats just me though.

You mean just like yoour beloved Diablo stole from Gauntlet?
Please shove your butthurtness where the sun don't shine and let gamers enjoy the game

PS: Every review I read on the net praised the game. So... it's only you.

Cool, do you recall any negative Diablo 3 reviews from, say, August 2011?
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