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User Info: Sasquatch8080

6 years ago#81
Nintendo guy posted...
MASKOAAA posted...
You didn't have to respec in Diablo 3.....if you chose to then you cannot complain about it.

You keep harping on about player "choice", but it's completely irrelevant. It's up to the developers to create a ruleset that furthers their vision for what they want the game to be. Anyone can do whatever they want to intentionally gimp themselves if they want to just for the challenge, but at the end of the day, if respecs are in, and there's no reason not to use them, they will be used, and in this case it's not what the developers want the game to be.

Fact of the matter is, the game is made for people who like rolling a new character to try a new build, and even does a pretty good job of facilitating this, what with leveling being very quick and wide variety of gems being pretty easily accessible from early quests. Even the items further this design; I found The Searing Touch the other day, and it prompted me to create a fire damage caster character. I was excited about doing so, even.

If you're not the kind of person who likes the idea of rerolling characters to try new builds, then you're not who the game was made for and GGG does not give a **** about you. So you can keep whining, and we'll keep drinking your tears, until you grow some common sense and go back to one of the many other options you have for games that give you what you want and leave us be with the one game that gives us what we want.

Part of the reason I play D3 and this is that rolling multiple characters is viable here. I really have no point in multiple characters of the same class unless it was HC in D3.
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User Info: Biurfe

6 years ago#82
Eh honestly i am able to appreciate full respec or no respec.

On one hand I get a more permanent approach where I carefully spend each point, and on the other I get to try many more approaches to push the limits of my build.

I like the way it is now, it strikes a balance, you can do a full respec but it will most likely be a long journey.
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