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  3. Would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed in this game.

User Info: arucard199

6 years ago#31
You know a game has reached the top 10 list when Karmic trolls his way in...
"OH YA! Look at ya! Talkin all dat good **** a second ago! Then you got KICKED IN YO CHEST!" -Col. Stinkmeaner

User Info: HappyDaze1

6 years ago#32
HAHA Very awesome to watch faildragon fail.

User Info: ZaruenKosai

6 years ago#33
dont forget to add that you ahve to click to move everywhere.... i remember moving with my PSX controller in Diablo 1... WTF is this bull!

*Karmic Voice Off*

User Info: Obsidus

6 years ago#34
TheCurseX2 posted...
Uh, KarmicDragon is one of the most informative posters on the PC-related boards. Show some respect, novices.

Hitler was a vegetarian that also loved to draw, and loved animals. Point is, (assuming you're not being sarcastic) whatever other things he is, or is not, he IS a VERY well known troll/flame baiter. That's a fact.
Cultivating an immunity to rebuttal is not a substitute for being correct.

User Info: DartDragoon

6 years ago#35
You got me again Karmic, I should really start to look at OP's name before thinking to myself "Well that dude is either a bad troll or just a complete idiot.", then I see the name and i'm like "Well that explains it"
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User Info: Blasterix16

6 years ago#36
Wow you can't be serio-

*reads TC's name"

Dohoho almost!
Less about the product more about the digits, is it business? we got less fans and more critics

User Info: Mad_Cow46

6 years ago#37
Karmic, you left out the odd FFA loot system in your list.
Aren't you thankful?
Sometimes, ignorance truly can be bliss.

User Info: bob15x

6 years ago#38
KarmicDragon1 posted...
So from what I've gathered here, if you don't utterly praise everything about this game, you're a troll.

Good to know. Maybe in the future you guys will be able to respect that not everyone has the exact same opinion as you. I wish I could discuss some of my real issues with the game but it's clear that it would just turn into a "lol it r better dan d333333!!!!!!!!!!! at least11111" spamfest.

but you are a troll, you trolled all the arpgs.

User Info: AyahRiven

6 years ago#39
Graphics. Let's face it, we live in a time where graphics mean more to a game than anything else, and the fact that this game doesn't run DX11 just makes it feel unplayable to me.

Stopped reading there. 11/10. Would read again.

User Info: kyntrel

6 years ago#40
i applaud karmic for making people take him seriously somehow. he is like some crazy gamefaqs troll wizard that has an insane spell casted that masks his sarcasm/being a smart ass to many people
Know who else trolls?? MY MOM!!
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  3. Would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed in this game.
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