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User Info: Vortimous

8 years ago#1

Just wondering if anyone has this yet. I was thinking of getting it for my 5 year old who loves dinosaurs and was thinking he could play it against me. If anyone has it, how hard is it to play. He already plays games like SW lightsaber duels and such, so if it is similar to fighting like that, he will love it...


User Info: turninator

8 years ago#2
i have me and my nephew play its pretty like button bashing but to do special moves you need to press certain buttons or point the wii in a certain direction to get full effect.

it aint a briliant game but for small kids who love dinosaurs they will enjoy it

User Info: MrMikeMa

8 years ago#3
so, is this just a "fighting" game, or does it have a single player game where you wander around a map like the DS versions, looking for battles and hidden fights.
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User Info: Changlini

8 years ago#4
I would also like to know that tidbit too.
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User Info: David Cheng

David Cheng
8 years ago#5
Get Jurassic Hunted instead if your 5 year old like dinosaurs.
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User Info: turninator

8 years ago#6
its basicaly like mortal kombat you pick a dino or sort of make one with the edit and you work ya way up a ladder to the boss dino and on the way you can put points on ya dino like armour health attack points .. thats about it really like i say it aint special just a good game for kids who like dinos

User Info: mlerley

8 years ago#7
Just got this for my barely-6yo who loves dinosaurs and he loves it. Like turninator says it reminds me of MK, but it's great for kids because there's no blood and none of them actually die, they just get knocked out. So like MK without the M basically. You do need at least one nunchuk; with two complete sets of controllers you can play vs. which is actually pretty fun. Some of the dinos are a lot stronger than others, as my son beat me several times when I was actually trying. Sad but true. Anyways I would recommend it. It's pretty cool.
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