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User Info: imnotyoung

10 years ago#1

Let me preface this by saying that I have no problem with the number of female heroes in HOMM 6 (or any other HOMM game). Although I am sort of annoyed that there seems to be so many female main characters in Heroes 6, despite the fact that the HOMM audience is mostly male, just like the general video game audience is. I do not know about other people, but I find it easier to identify or relate to characters that I share similarities with.

In any case, I will mostly be talking about the number of female units in this post.

For lack of a better way to express myself, in terms of video games, what I am interested in is what is fun. And what I find fun may or may not run contrary to political correctness (PC). For those of you who do not know what political correctness is:

"Political correctness (adjectivally, politically correct; both forms commonly abbreviated to PC) is a term which denotes language, ideas, policies, and behavior seen as seeking to minimize social and institutional offense in occupational, gender, racial, cultural, sexual orientation, religious belief, disability, and age-related contexts, and doing so to an excessive extent."

Principally, the human female form (and anything resembling it) is not powerful-looking. Delicate features, curves, and a small stature (relative to human males) does not make for an intimidating being. This has nothing to do with whether or not females are indeed weaker than males (that is a separate issue). This has to do with the fact that human females do not appear powerful. For example, all other things being equal, a human female in a full suit of armor does not look as intimidating/powerful/serious as a human male in a full suit of armor. The same thing applies to casters. Had the Lord of The Rings character Gandalf been an old woman, then he would not have been taken as seriously (even if she were just as powerful).

Consequently, an army filled with a bunch of women looks ridiculous under the theme of war. Heroes of Might and Magic is not some sort of light-hearted comedic anime. It is supposed to be about creating kingdoms, training and rallying troops, and crushing the kingdoms of others; and so, the whole army-of-chicks thing undermines that.

So, why is Black Hole Entertainment (BHE) screwing with the HOMM formula by increasing the number of female units in the game? The only reasons I can think of are:

A. To increase the sex appeal of HOMM (catering to their mainly male audience).
B. To try to attract female gamers.
C. To satisfy the PC agenda.

I find it hard to believe that A is the reason because the female (or female-looking) units are not sexy; they are just female. It is not like they are busting out of their tops and shaking their butts. I do not see any Lara Crofts, in other words, save for the Succubus. Which by the way I have no problem with because the Succubus uses her femininity as a weapon. Now that I think about it, the Succubus is going to have a harder time on a battlefield now that there are so many female units. Such a shame.

I find it implausible that B is the reason because HOMM is a niche strategy game in a market that has a mostly male audience. And before a female gamer could even see that Heroes 6 (or any Heroes for that matter) uses many female units, she would first have to purchase the game or research the game. But why would a female gamer research a niche strategy game? Put in another way, there has to be something apparent and intrinsic about HOMM that a female gamer would find interesting; and it is probably not going to be "HALF THE UNITS ARE FEMALE!" It is going to be something like HOMM is fantasy-based, or HOMM is a strategy game and I like strategy. My point is increasing the number of female units in a turned-based strategy video game is not a good way to attract female gamers, but it is a good way to alienate your actual audience who is mostly male.

We are then left with reason C: to satisfy the PC agenda. In my opinion, this is the primordial reason why BHE decided to increase the number of female units. They are trying to make some sort of political statement, even though their political statement will only be seen by their mostly male audience. It has nothing to do with making the game more fun or attractive to people. They are just trying to make themselves feel better in our modern-day culture in which "girl power" and "men are evil" is rammed down everyone's throats.

Regardless, because of the above, I am going to give this game a PASS and stick with Heroes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Actually, there is another reason why I am giving this game a pass. BHE is changing and dumbing down some of the fundamentals of the Heroes series when there is no reason to. Evidently, BHE is not a strong believer in the saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

User Info: Lornoth

10 years ago#2

Copy and pasted much?

And you're not going to play the game? Good. Now leave all the forums please.

User Info: imnotyoung

10 years ago#3
Lornoth posted...

Copy and pasted much?

And you're not going to play the game? Good. Now leave all the forums please.

No I'm going to stay and express my opinion.

User Info: jakey15

10 years ago#4
What about some species where the females are larger and more physically dominant than the males? I'm with you on the PC stuff, but I only count one or two human units that look female, one only marginally so. They may look the lamest of all the revealed units, but still, that's hardly something to be up in arms about right?

User Info: imnotyoung

10 years ago#5
jakey15 posted...
What about some species where the females are larger and more physically dominant than the males?

In Heroes 6, being female means having breasts and delicate features (akin to human females). So what you're saying is sort of irrelevant.

I'm with you on the PC stuff, but I only count one or two human units that look female, one only marginally so.

There are 13 obvious female units and most of them look similar to each other.

User Info: lDarkdrak

10 years ago#6
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Troll confirmed.
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User Info: lostn

10 years ago#7
Hey maybe its a combination of all 3 reasons? Are they bad reasons to have female units. I mean, look at ANY mmorpg. You can choose to play as either a female or male for any race or class you play. Is that just as unrealistic to you? Surely you should have a problem with the high representation of female player characters in any MMORPG then, for the same reason you have problems with female units in HOMM6? They are the weaker sex right? What are they doing in a combat oriented game?

Should females be allowed in the police force?

User Info: Slash_out

10 years ago#8

I don't see a problem with it... "The units don't look as powerful because they are females", what does it have to do with anything? This is not a stare down contest, intimidation has nothing to do with what the game is about. The game is not even based on our world where females were left out of... pretty much any power based situation. There are griffons, undeads, and whatever. I'm pretty sure historically undeads were left out of armies in the medieval age, and yet, here they are, fighting in the armies too.. Shocker.

Basically, your point is that you don't mind female units as long as they are pretty, and show off their body (like the Succubus, and don't give me the "it's because it makes sense for how she fights" I'll get back on why later in this post). But not as long as they are actively part of the universe by being something else than a side show for hormonal teenagers?

The fact that you mention that they are not as buff as male isn't even a valid argument. If they are petite, they are faster, more agile. Sure that might not be the case RL, but this is a fantasy game. Elves are smaller, thiner, and yet they are a deadly foghting force in any fantasy setting, this one included. And there are many creatures smaller than a woman like pixies, imps, gremlins, etc in the M&MH universe. If they are not more agile they use magic, or they use bows. Size and intimidation has nothing to do with your argument. You just don't like the fact that there are more women in the game because you are sexist.

Otherwise you wouldn't have appreciated the presence of elves which basically have the same body as a "frail" woman, or any wimpy looking creatures like pixies and imps, it just bothers you vecause they are.. woman.

You have the right to voice your (sexist) opinion, but I'm guessing you are not here for a dialogue, just to shout your (sexist) indignation and make us say "wow you are so right, let's all be sexist with you, although we will call it Righful Indignation because it is cooler than sexist" while agreeing with your (sexist) view of things.

I'm not really all for the feminism cr*p. Because this has no place in a society where there is no distinction between the two sexes, like it should be, I mean this is ridiculous. But I believe the equality between those sexes should not start when it is needed. Even in a game, unless it is needed for the story line. It just has to be natural.

User Info: Stabby_McGee

10 years ago#9
Have you ever actually played a Heroes game? Heroes 1, 2, and 4 all looked like light hearted cartoons.

As for the "political correctness," this is a game. They can be as "politically correct" as they want in a game because it has no effect on the real world. It's not like someone's losing their job because they're replacing some of the male units with female ones.
A friend is just an enemy who doesn't have the guts to kill you.

User Info: Seca_Verins

10 years ago#10
^My sorcerer uncle lost his job to a sorceress!
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