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User Info: imnotyoung

10 years ago#1



Sentinel: Looks cool.

Crossbowman: Stupid name. Boots are too high. Pants look stupid. Giant hood ornament on helmet looks absolutely ridiculous. Helmet visor looks stupid.

Griffin: Looks emaciated.

Seraph: Angels are technically supposed to be genderless. Why have the Angel units dual wield swords? It looks redundant and stupid. Why not have the Angel units use one sword like they did in Heroes 5, 4, and 3? Go look up what the Angel unit looked like in Heroes 5, and then compare it to what Angel units will look like in Heroes 6.

Sister: Looks OK.

Radiant Glory: Stupid name. Doesn't fit in with the theme of Haven. Why a third female unit?

Sun Rider: looks cool.



Hellhound: Looks OK, although I don't like the duckbill look. Aren't they supposed to have more in common with dogs?

Juggernaut: Looks cool. I'm not so sure about the name though. It doesn't seem to fit the unit.

Pit Fiend: Looks cool.

Tormentor: Looks stupid. At first glance it sort of reminds me of a murloc form World of Warcraft.

Breeder: Uninspired and stupid name. The unit looks stupid.

Succubus: Looks cool.

Maniac: Uninspired and stupid name. This would be a mediocre looking unit if there weren't gummy worms coming out of his hands.



Skeleton: Looks stupid. Seriously, how did you guys (Black Hole Entertainment) screw this one up? The helmet makes the unit looks stupid.

Ghoul: Looks pretty cool, but there's something about the eyes that I don't like.

Vampire: This doesn't look like a vampire. It looks like something out of World of Warcraft. What's with the over-the-top armor with green lights (same problem with the skeleton)? It looks stupid.

Lich: This unit would look half-decent if it didn't have bright green legs coming out of its back. As it is now, it looks stupid.

Ghost: Close enough I guess, but again, what's with the green lights/jewelry? It looks stupid.

Lamasu: Looks cool. But what is with the green lights/jewelry? Get rid of it.

Fate Spinner: Stupid name. Boring looking.



Goblin: Cool looking.

Harpy: This would be alright looking if it weren't for the stupid helmet/head.

Centaur: OK looking, but I think this unit would have looked better if it were male.

Dreamwalker: Stupid looking.

Jaguar Warrior: Stupid name. Looks stupid.

Mauler: Looks cool.

Cyclops: Looks cool.

Also... is it just me or is there too many female units? And did they dumb down the game by reducingthe number of resources? I LOVE the Heroes and Might and Magic series, but I may actually skip this one. They look like they really messed it up.

User Info: imnotyoung

10 years ago#2
Heroes of might and magic*

My original post may seem childish at first glance (e.g., that looks stupid), but I decided instead of going into great detail about why I don't like the way a unit looks, I just said flat-out said I don't like the way the unit looks. I included links to each faction and their units so you can judge them yourselves.

I'm going to be honest though. This seems to be shaping up to be the worst Heroes yet.

User Info: Stabby_McGee

10 years ago#3
I don't see a problem with the female units. It's a fantasy world. It doesn't matter how many units are male, how many are female, and how many are monsters of indeterminable gender.
A friend is just an enemy who doesn't have the guts to kill you.

User Info: LuminousMeteor

10 years ago#4
First things first, not every unit model on the website looks the same ingame. And they only show one model per unit, the basic or the upgrade. And what makes Radiant Glory not fit Haven? Haven in Heroes 6 has gone more to the light/ holy way and it fits very nice. Dual wielding angels are rare, actually it's my first time seeing it. Having some changes sometimes is good. Stop bashing the units and stop bashing on females.
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User Info: imnotyoung

10 years ago#5

I didn't say there was a problem with female units per se. I said that there seems to be too many of them. And it probably has something to do with political correctness or whatever, which is annoying. That also has nothing to do with bashing women. Further, it doesn't matter if it's a fantasy setting, an army that is half women doesn't look intimitating--or menacing in the case of an "evil" army. I can also do without the sex appeal. I don't play turn-based-strategy (or any game for that matter) to see women inbikini-armorwho look like they're from a X-men comic. Although that may be because I have a girlfriend in real life.

And if you think a unit who looks like Storm from X-men fits in with the Haven theme in HOMM, then I don't know what to say; if you can still say after looking at the units of Haven (the human faction) from past HOMM games that Radiant Glory fits, then I don't think you know what you're talking about. I will also say that it sounds like you're the type who will defend a game no matter what, even if it is crap or is turning out to be crap. So there's no reasoning with you.

As for the angels, they look stupid. Angels aren't supposed to have breasts; angels aren't suppoed to be male or female, although they are masculine in appearance. Secondly, angels dual wielding swords just doesn't look right. It looks like something out of a bad Vin Diesel movie or anime.

Mark my words though. This game will be bad and it will receive poor reviews. The trailer they released for it is lackluster. The units look bad. They dumbed down resources. And I'm sure they failed in some other areas that is as of yet unknown.

User Info: fiellixiang

10 years ago#6
Is it just me or are those units (or at least the roles they seem to play) seem very similar to that in Heroes 5? I have not played any games before 5, so I'm not sure if this is a recurring thing in this series.

User Info: Falconoffury

10 years ago#7

The problem I have with the art style is that it seems like even the lowest tier units look too beautiful and powerful. In past Heroes games, weak units looked suitably weak.

User Info: LuminousMeteor

10 years ago#8
imnotyoung, you assume too much... I'm well aware of Haven/Castle background. That does not mean they must only use various armored soldiers, cavalry and the like. Lots of Factions change line-ups and themes to a degree every game.

And who said anything about the looks. Not everyone is out for "eye candy" you know. I'm also not that kind of person that defend to the very last, stop assuming things until you know better. I really dislike HoMM 4, there are just so many problems with it it's just sad... But I do like HoMM 3 and 5 a lot :P I never said I like dual wield more than one sword, but this change isn't bad.

You have right for your opinions of course. If you think they look bad, and that the game will be bad; that's fine. They can't please everyone. I'm just trying to keep this board as friendly as possible and I never mean any harm to anyone ^^
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User Info: nukedysfunk

10 years ago#9
I went through them all myself and I don't see any that stand out as stupid looking or what have you. I think I'd prefer the vampire upgrade having something besides the helmet, but that's pretty minor. Really this is all just a bunch of opinion matter here, so I wouldn't expect us all to agree on how "cool" the monster roster looks.

As for the thing with females constituting too many units for haven, TC's comment about it ruining the evil/menacing look of an army doesn't make much sense to me. It is the haven faction after all. Perhaps it impacts how intimidating the army may appear, and I would agree with that being a minor issue. Still, it's not something I'm even remotely concerned about.

As for the angels, they look stupid. Angels aren't supposed to have breasts; angels aren't suppoed to be male or female, although they are masculine in appearance. Secondly, angels dual wielding swords just doesn't look right. It looks like something out of a bad Vin Diesel movie or anime.

This is pretty odd to say. They aren't supposed to have breasts? lol, ok... How are you the authority on what an Angel is or isn't supposed to look like? I can see if they made them appear without some major feature like wings maybe, but you're nitpicking at things that are merely determined by an artist's preference.
With that said, I do agree that the dual wielding swords seems wrong. Once again though, I don't see it as even close to a big deal.

User Info: lostn

10 years ago#10
The main thing that concerns me is that there are only 5 factions in the game. That is the smallest amount since HOMM1. The stronghold one I don't even care for. The lack of an elf/rampart/nature faction and the warlock/darkelf/dungeon and wizard/order/tower factions are a big deal to me. I hope they release in expansion packs. These are classic HOMM stapes. Where are they? A HOMM game without Black/Gold Dragons, Phoenix or Titans. :(
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  3. A very brief run-down of what I think of the units (I'm a little worried..)
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