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User Info: Jayofmaya

1 year ago#1
Hey, I saw a bunch of people having trouble with the Cerberus DLC before hand and had some myself.
I bought trilogy second hand recently and before anything wanted to at least get ALL ME2 DLC. I figured out if it was all there and what I needed and purchased all (Terminus, Arrival, Alternate Appearence 2, Recon Operations, Firepower, Equalizer, Appearence and Aegis) except Cerberus Pack. It wasn't available for download so I closed the store and proceeded to do a 100% run of the first game.
I then went back on to the store and it had the download option available for free.

Now, I'm not sure what exactly it was that unlocked it (definitely wasn't a save from ME2 because I hadn't put the game in, but you could try that if you don't have the first game), maybe just having a save from the first game in the Trilogy or maybe having the rest of the DLC before reopening the store, but hopefully it helps anyone looking to get the complete experience and not have to buy one of the few new copies out there or mess around with EA.
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