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User Info: ChemicalMia

4 years ago#1
Currently replaying Mass Effect 2, and it's been so long since I did it the first time that I barely remember most of the characters' loyalty missions. I plan to do at least all of them (I'd feel guilty if I let them die since I really do like most of the party members). I've done a few already, but the game practically launched me into the story missions before I had properly recruited everyone.
I REALLY want to finish recruiting everyone, and of course see their missions all the way through before I tackle the end of the game. I just finished the mission with the Collector ship before going to the Citadel for the first time, so at this point I imagine I'm getting close to the point of no return. REALLY don't want to trigger the end before I get all the party members.
Back on topic: I did a lot of missions around the Citadel before starting Thane's mission. But I was stupid and didn't save before interrogating what's his face. My last save is ALL THE WAY BACK ON THE SHIP BEFORE GOING TO THE CITADEL. Luckily, the game auto saved as soon as the part where you follow that other guy begins.
Anyway my biggest problem is actually following the guy. He doesn't exactly stand out among the other people to me, and plus I have such a small time limit to catch up that I get so sweaty and nervous I lose my sense of direction.
I read a guide that basically amounted to telling me to keep going left, so I did that. But it didn't help, and after I reach the third time you update Thane on his location I immediately lose track of him. Doesn't help my nervousness that Thane keeps demanding the location when I just don't know where to go next.
At one point I think my game even glitched out when I updated Thane on his location the third time, and then I immediately bolted hoping that I could catch up. The time limit for finding the location flat out didn't appear, and Thane just gave up for some inexplicable reason to go to that apartment. At that point, I think even Thane was sick of my s***, but I can't really blame him...
PLEASE, can someone help me with this?! I really do like Thane, and I want him to be around for the end. But I just don't know where to go after the third time you update...
Sorry about the rambling length. I'm just stressed out by this ONE mission giving me trouble. ONE mission that doesn't even have combat...

User Info: cjchartier

4 years ago#2
I totally understand your frustration. I had the same experience when I first played the game. It took me about 3-4 tries before I was finally able to complete it myself, as it took me that long (through a lot of trial and error) to figure out the right path to follow.

I was lucky enough to have had a manual save just before I began the "mission", so I didn't have to go back that far each time I "failed". I know it would be a royal pain to go all the way back to your last manual save, and start over, but that may end up being your best bet. Just make sure to make a manual save on the Citadel before you start the mission.

Thane is a great character, and it's worth getting his "loyalty", especially since he has a cool cameo in ME3. Good luck.
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