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User Info: MiIkMan

9 years ago#1

It looks as though Vostock Games might not be the only studio to form in the aftermath of the break up of STALKER developers, GSC. Russian gaming site, StopGame reports that a significant element of the GSC STALKER team have set up shop in Kiev, and have formed a new outfit called Union Studio.

There are a few tidbits to back this up. A description on UnionStudio’s sparse LinkedIn page describes the developer as a “new company, created together with the best professionals that worked for GSC GAME WORLD and other AAA class studios.” The page announces that they’re making a “cross-platform action shooter which will be available for PC, Mac, PlayStation, XBOX.” There’s also a work-in-progress Union Studio site, which simply says “coming soon.”

Good news.
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User Info: Dark_Elf

9 years ago#2
Sounds interesting. Let's hope they have the resources to make something good.

User Info: AzumaNaroon

9 years ago#3
Thanks for the heads up. Will keep an eye out for them.
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User Info: Mazryonh

9 years ago#4
None of those are nor can they replace STALKER, though. Sergei, why did you do it?

User Info: olgert56

9 years ago#5
The thing that still gives me hope is that I know those developers are still out there. And it seems like games from the east are fixated on atmosphere: Stalker, Cryostasis, and Metro to name a few. We'll keep seeing great games but Stalker will always be special and I really hope they will resurrect it one day.
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  3. Another studio emerges out of former GSC.
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